Across the Great Divide…el Dia de los Muertos

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It’s Halloween, and that is followed by All Saint’s Day or, el Dia de los Muertos.

On a beautiful Autumn Saturday Cheekwood hosted an extremely fun and colorful celebratory event. (I have mentioned Cheekwood before..)





I won’t give a full history…the research itself was fun and eye-opening…but, the idea that Death is something to laugh about and make fun of seems to be a concept that would be sensible to assimilate.  I mean, you can’t do anything about the inevitable, right?…why not eat, drink, sing, dance, wear make-up and costumes, present prayers and  offerings, and celebrate.

“Death, O Death, where is thy sting?”



The 1800’s artist Jose Guadalupe Posada is credited with picturing  skeletons…las calacas…in ordinary, everyday scenes, such as riding bicycles. This whimsical view of Death is widely displayed on el Dia de los Muertos.





Nashville artist/photographer/cinematographer Julia Gauthier-Burciaga has taken that theme and given it a Nashville touch.




…from calacas on the Opry stage to Printer’s Alley, downtown (including the everpresent bachelerette  parties), to the annual East Nashville Tomato Festival.






Another artist, Jaiya Rose Wendell, was not only providing face paint…







but showed a unique way to recycle Barbie dolls….





Of all the wonders that I yet have heard,
It seems to me most strange that men should fear;
Seeing that death, a necessary end,
Will come when it will come.  (Shakespeare)

Enough words…. Eat, Drink and be Merry, for Tomorrow….

Well….You know….!!!

























Time to Vote!!

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It’s election season here in America, so now you have an opportunity to choose.

Here are your choices…..



(Sugar skulls decorated by a ‘foursome’ at el Dia de los Muertos at Cheekwood in Nashville.)  BTW…Your choice will in no way impact your future, your childrens’ future, the economy or World Peace….well, maybe Peace….

Exercise your civic duty….

More to come on el Dia de los Muertos….


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Gwendolyn Brown

Gwendolyn Brown

Just so you’ll know that Alaska is not the only thing I’ve seen this year, these are from a Fisk Jubilee Singers concert commemorating the 150th Anniversary of Fisk University.


CeCe Winans

CeCe Winans

The Fisk Jubilee Singers have been traveling the country and performing around America, and the world, since 1871 when they cleaned the meager coffers at Fisk and went on their first fund-raising tour.  They started out performing ballads and patriotic pieces, to mixed reviews and attention, and at a particular point in that 1871 tour, according to legend, they broke into various ‘slave’ songs that most of their audiences had never heard.

Gordon Kennedy

Gordon Kennedy  (writer of “Change The World” by Eric Clapton)


Ruby Amanfu

Ruby Amamfu- (     with Jack White)


Sam Moore

Sam Moore (Sam and Dave)


Jimmy Hall

Jimmy Hall

The Jubilee Singers were the first international music stars to come out of Nashville (They were first recorded in 1909)   and while touring Europe, Queen Victoria was so moved by their performance that she stated that they must be from the Music City of the United States.   Both the name and the group have stuck around!


Keb Mo

Keb Mo


It’s likely that this performance will be released to the public in the Fall of 2016.  If nothing else, Gwendolyn Brown’s version of  “Lord, How Come Me Here” is priceless!!!!  (Be prepared for goosebumps)


Oh…please pardon all the extraneous microphones, etc.  The stage was set up for sound recording as opposed to ‘sight’ recording….oh, well….


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Fresh Seafood

Pike Place 7

Pike Place 8



Fresh Flowers

Pike Place 1

Pike Place 9



Fresh Fruit

Pike Place 4

Pike Place 2

Pike Place 3


Fresh Vegetables

Pike Place 5

Pike Place 6


Fresh Air…and Water


Seattle 1



Pike Place Market

Seattle, WA- 5/5/16


Victoria’s Sea-crest

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Victoria B.C. was the last stop on our cruise….

A brief glimpse…  Approach_DSC1518-Recovered

The House of Parliament: (Our Pedi-cab driver stated that there was one light for every jewel in Queen Victoria’s crown…haven’t confirmed that there were 3333 jewels in the crown, but it’s s good story…)


Fisherman’s Wharf (floating neighborhood)




In about the middle of this shot, on the left you can see a bit of a pontoon boat (what we call a ‘party boat’ here in the South) that the resident has attached to their house as a porch.


The waterway just past the houses is Victoria’s seaplane runway.


Overlooking Fisherman’s wharf






The oldest ‘Chinatown’ in Canada—    est. during the Gold Rush





Ice, Ice, Baby…

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More to come…

This is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’…




Uncle Bud’s Catfish ‘n Such….

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I still have not finished editing the Glacier Bay picks…I keep getting caught up and transported back to Alaska every time I get involved in it and then I want nothing more than to revel in the experience, not WORK on it…


At some point in my lost blog year, I did some photos for Uncle Bud’s Catfish Shack.  Most of the stuff is on their website,




Nashville has become somewhat of a ‘foodie’ destination, with a large number of Food Network type Chefs migrating here, but if you need (and who doesn’t now and then?) a true Southern experience, Uncle Bud’s is the place to go.



Catfish, chicken, white beans, cole slaw, home fries, hush puppies, pickles and onions, biscuits and gravy, (or biscuits and Cane Patch syrup), sweet tea in a Mason jar…?!



Did I mention hush puppies?!!!  (You may even get some gumbo, alligator tails or shrimp, if you are so inclined.)



Oh…you might as well finish off with a little, peach, apple or blueberry cobbler.  (I think you could even get ’em to plop a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top, if you smile…)



After shooting the stills, they asked if I would try to put together a video to promote their catering operation…sort of a food truck, but buffet style for 2000 people.



Bringin’ the all-you-can-eat fixins’

This was my first attempt at producing and editing a video.  I want to do more!!!  (Maybe someday even with a bigger crew than one…me…

This is the link to the 30 second video  and if you are so inclined there is also a 3 minute version.  The soundtrack for the 3 minute video is the instrumental version of a song called “Rollin’ On” and is performed by Radical Edward….that’s a whole ‘nother story in itself…


If you go to Uncle Bud’s  (dinner supper only except on weekends) be sure to tell them that Randy says Hey!…I can’t guarantee you that will make them treat you any better, because if they are any nicer than they usually are, they might never get you to leave…

and while you’re waiting for your catfish, crumble up a couple of hush puppies and mix in some white beans….!

or…you might just want a lemon wedge…