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1_30_31 pm CDT

As expected, the incessant media hype leading up to the ‘Great American Solar Eclipse’ was centered around the traffic, the weather…would it or wouldn’t it?…the exorbitant hotel rates, the crowds…be sure you have gas in your car…etc.

Never did I hear any mention of the absolutely stunning, eerie, soul-grabbing, mysteriously overwhelming chord that would be strummed and planted into one’s psyche by witnessing this event.

The pictures that I am posting will be in chronological order.

As the moon was moving across the sun, I had the solar filtered camera on a tripod and would track and shoot an image every couple of minutes….sell a T-shirt or 2…shoot again…


12_17 pm CDT Sunspots

When I uploaded these to the computer, I thought that I had a dirty camera sensor that created spots on the Sun.  Then I saw an official NASA pic and realized that they were SunSpots….

12_28 pm CDT


12_52 pm CDT


12_59 pm CDT


1_13 pm CDT


1_19 pm CDT


1_27 pm CDT


When Totality hit, I was too enthralled to think about properly changing settings, removing filters, etc, so these images have a bit of motion blur…or maybe that should be ’emotion’ blur… as I sort of just took aim at the sky to possibly capture what I really mainly wanted to experience with my 5 or 6 senses.




1_30_30 pm CDT wormhole


1_30_31 pm CDT


1_30_43 pm CDT


1_30_52 pm CDT Diamond ring


1_33 pm CDT


1_36 p.m. CDT


1_51 pm CDT



And what an experience it is!  There is no way to describe the sights, the feelings and the sheer exhilaration of witnessing a total Solar eclipse.

I heard someone say that they had seen ‘partials’ and ‘totals’ and on a scale of 1 to 10, a partial was a 3 and a total was 1000….I tend to agree.


Now, some business…knew that was coming, right.  We did really well with my Hank Williams/Nashville inspired “I Saw the Light” T-shirt…lots of sales and many, many compliments, BUT…the big but…

I’ve got 100 or so shirts left over in all, not each, but all… the sizes, (Youth small up to Adult XXL) and I can only wear so many… so…as your reward for reading all the way through this, if you go to the store, order a shirt, or two, or six, and put in the coupon code… blog …the price will reduce from $25 to $10 and I will still pay the shipping.  That covers my production cost and the shipping costs and…. removes them from my inventory.


It really is a great way to remember the day, even if you or your kids never wear it, or wear it years from now….

Or just when you want to let people know that You “Saw the Light”!


New final eclipse front






Sketchbook…Memorial Day

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I’m not much for ‘titling’ images, I would rather you come up with your own appellation.  So, my post title applies to the series.  Memorial Day is the one holiday that stands for the ultimate sacrifice given by American soldiers, and as such is an important commemorative event.

Yet, one can’t help but wonder what it would be like if mankind could find a way to have no need for such a day…  Imagine….























Revised “I Saw the Light” Eclipse T-shirt design

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New final eclipse front


Since my last post I have learned a bit about the screen printing process.  Mostly, what can and cannot be done…


This is the actual t-shirt NOW, and is on

I like the new look and it was important to me to have them printed in Nashville, so…


Slight variation on the front but the back remains the same…wasn’t that a Led Zeppelin film?…oh…wait…The SONG Remains the Same…


The first ‘batch’ has been shipped, and I think I have finally gotten all the USPS, etc., ducks in a row…


Order up!



Nashville Solar Eclipse 2017

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Large eclipse final komika fade

On August 21, 2017 America will observe the journey of a solar eclipse from coast to coast.  As it happens, Nashville, TN is in the path of the TOTAL eclipse…the largest metropolitan area in the country that will experience this celestial anomaly.

This  has not happened  in Nashville since 1478

Eclipse T


I have designed a t-shirt to commemorate the occasion. It pays tribute to the eclipse, the Nashville skyline and also to the classic Hank Williams song “I Saw the Light”.  (On the back it shows the GPS coordinates for Nashville along with the exact time of occurrence in CDT, Nashville time…and also in GMT.)

BTW, these are being screen printed right here in Nashville by Socrateez…

…it’s a Nashville ‘thang’.

I also opened an ecommerce store for this particular shirt and now will  beg make a shameless appeal to all who see this to share it with as many people as you possibly can…

…and to order as many T-shirts as you possibly can!


Available at

Free Shipping…!!!

…in America, anyway.  (Readers from elsewhere who would like a one-of-a-kind souvenir of Nashville might have to pitch in a bit for the boat ride …shipping…contact me here or on Toasted Ice)


A total Solar eclipse passing over Nashville will not happen again until 2566.

I expect to be sold out by the next one!!!


Get your t-shirt now!  


Click on any of the pictures or the site name to get to Toasted Ice

Available in S,M,L,XL, only in Total Eclipse Black.


ToastedIce 1CMYK

…all in a day’s work

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In Indianapolis for a few days, and events.  The first was the unveiling of the sculptured likeness of 2016 Indianapolis 500 winner Alex Rossi on the Borg/Warner trophy.  I have already posted a few shots from the May 2016 race  here.

The next day, the winning car from the 100th running of the 500 was presented to the Indy Motor Speedway Museum, where it will be placed alongside the winner of the 100th Anniversary of the 500…which also happens to be a Curb owned car.


I’m afraid I may be getting a bit spoiled having had the opportunity to be on Victory Lane twice in 5 years.


And change things up a bit.  This is the incredible bread pudding at a place called Bluebeard that I found in Indy…new favorite…!!!


Across the Great Divide…el Dia de los Muertos

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It’s Halloween, and that is followed by All Saint’s Day or, el Dia de los Muertos.

On a beautiful Autumn Saturday Cheekwood hosted an extremely fun and colorful celebratory event. (I have mentioned Cheekwood before..)





I won’t give a full history…the research itself was fun and eye-opening…but, the idea that Death is something to laugh about and make fun of seems to be a concept that would be sensible to assimilate.  I mean, you can’t do anything about the inevitable, right?…why not eat, drink, sing, dance, wear make-up and costumes, present prayers and  offerings, and celebrate.

“Death, O Death, where is thy sting?”



The 1800’s artist Jose Guadalupe Posada is credited with picturing  skeletons…las calacas…in ordinary, everyday scenes, such as riding bicycles. This whimsical view of Death is widely displayed on el Dia de los Muertos.





Nashville artist/photographer/cinematographer Julia Gauthier-Burciaga has taken that theme and given it a Nashville touch.




…from calacas on the Opry stage to Printer’s Alley, downtown (including the everpresent bachelerette  parties), to the annual East Nashville Tomato Festival.






Another artist, Jaiya Rose Wendell, was not only providing face paint…







but showed a unique way to recycle Barbie dolls….





Of all the wonders that I yet have heard,
It seems to me most strange that men should fear;
Seeing that death, a necessary end,
Will come when it will come.  (Shakespeare)

Enough words…. Eat, Drink and be Merry, for Tomorrow….

Well….You know….!!!

























Time to Vote!!

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It’s election season here in America, so now you have an opportunity to choose.

Here are your choices…..



(Sugar skulls decorated by a ‘foursome’ at el Dia de los Muertos at Cheekwood in Nashville.)  BTW…Your choice will in no way impact your future, your childrens’ future, the economy or World Peace….well, maybe Peace….

Exercise your civic duty….

More to come on el Dia de los Muertos….