Photographic Memories





I guess I hadn’t realized how much, or how long, photography has been a part of my life until I took a couple of steps back and reviewed. (It didn’t hurt/help to find some old pictures from many years ago)

I don’t remember much about this first camera, but I do remember purchasing a “Diana” at about age nine from an Army Surplus store in Port Arthur, TX. I paid a whopping $1, my entire allowance for the trip to my grandparents.

Indeed, an extravagance!

I found some 50 year old (oops, now I’ve let it slip) negatives that either show a shortage of knowledge and equipment, OR, are artistic WAY ahead of their time.

( I’m afraid I have to go with the former.)

I don’t really feel that I CHOSE this particular craft/profession, (I wanted to be a musician) but as I evaluate my ‘leanings’, I suppose it has always been with me, or ‘chose’ me, if you will. Does that mean it’s my life’s calling, or that I’m an expert…? Neither…I hope my life’s calling is something greater and I will, in my own estimation, NEVER be an expert, unless an expert is someone who never quits learning, failing, and plodding ahead.

I have an uncle who used to say, (when one of us kids would smash a finger, or scrape a knee), “It will feel better when it quits hurting!” It was aggravating to hear at the time, but was probably wiser than I wanted to admit. So now when I fall, physically, professionally, parentally (?), I pick myself up, smile, and think, “It will feel better….” But, possibly, one of the things that drives me on is that it never ‘quits hurting’ and that gives me the ‘feel better’ time to keep reaching for… And I do!


~ by rkpowers on March 4, 2010.

3 Responses to “Photographic Memories”

  1. beautiful site and stunning logo. continue.


  2. Many are called, but few are chosen.
    Matthew 22:14


  3. What a superb site, logo, etc…Photographs are incredible; so rich in their moment, your biography is beautiful.


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