Two weeks ago I flew to Daytona for “The 500” to shoot several facets of an ongoing book project.

There really is nothing quite like a pack of screaming autos traveling at 200 mph with merely inches, sometimes less, between them… Like Nashville rush hour on major steroids.

(But the drivers are nicer in Daytona)

I’ve never been to the 500…actually never expected to go. I can’t say it ‘won me over’ and made me into a diehard race fan, but it was a memorable experience. (And, I DID come home and watch a little of the commentary on the racing channel to learn a bit more about the science of the sport.)

I had the unique experience of meeting drivers, owners, agents, etc. but to me, the most important…

The pit crews.

These guys put on a 16 second performance every 40 laps or so, that can change the outcome of any race. These are the unsung heroes. You don’t see them on TV endorsing products, being written about in tabloids, or hoisting the trophy, but I’ll bet any driver worth his salt thinks of them in the same way that Peyton Manning reveres his offensive line.

I can’t put many pictures up yet, client’s rights and all, but will soon.

This is my “HOT” pass….(gets you in the pits, etc. during race time)….the ever important ear plugs…and one of Dale Earnhardt, Jr.’s lug nuts….I wonder what that would bring on e-bay….???!!!


~ by rkpowers on March 6, 2010.

One Response to “THE RACE IS ON…”

  1. Randy, I think it is awesome that you have taken your photography and ruan with it. You give me such inspiration! I wish you the best of luck with all of your ongoing projects.


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