I have always enjoyed writing.

I have always enjoyed taking pictures.

Only recently have I put the two together.

If you are here, now,

then you are seeing how well, or how poorly I do at each.

If you are a photographer, (anyone who uses a camera, and wants to improve their use of the instrument), then I HAVE to recommend that you visit the web-site of David duChemin at 


David is a world-class photographer AND a world-class humanitarian. Read his blog posts.  There are many…every one is worth the time.  THEN, go to a book store and pick up Within The Frame.  It’s not about camera gear.  It’s about the eye behind the gear and the soul behind the eye.

I’ve never met David, yet his images, words, and reading recommendations have been the single most influential spark in guiding my career path…more importantly, my whole outlook on expressing myself.

His words are somewhat centered around photography, but more involved with VISION. His viewpoints, and outlook will help to inspire through any walk of life.

I don’t know yet how the work I’ve done in the last year in furthering my photography business will ‘pan out’, but I am feeling very comfortable with my accomplishments, my goals, and my insatiable desire to do better. Well, maybe not COMFORTABLE…but I’m making progress!

Thanks, David!

~ by rkpowers on March 10, 2010.

4 Responses to “PIXELATEDIMAGE”

  1. you can only go forward with your talent, Randy


  2. I am proud of what you do, what you have done and what you will do. I love you and am lucky to have such a talented brother.


  3. Thanks, sis….now, where did you want me to send the check??


  4. Randy…WOW…very, very cool…did you get a model release on that middle guy in your caveman to businessman lifestyles shot? …he looks like he could be ornery…


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