Inside the Portfolio-Part 2


       An acquaintance was taking part in a sight-reading audition for a Broadway musical. The young man in front of her was handed the sheet music for “Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off”. (If you’re not familiar with the song then this won’t be funny….skip to next paragraph)

HE had apparently never heard the song, so his rendition was,

“You say Tom-AY-to, and I say Tom-AY-to, You say Po-TAY-to and I say Po-TAY-to, Tom-ay-to, tom-ay-to, Pot-ay-to, pot-ay-to, let’s call the whole thing……”

Sorry, I got distracted even before I got started!!

     Deep in the rolling hills of West Virginia, up a mountain and across a valley, and ‘over the river and through the woods’, is Half-Mountain Farm. (Dan Fogelberg influence)

From here, Dave Buhrman supplies the restaurants and resorts of Greenbrier County with some of the most beautiful produce imaginable, from purple-headed cauliflower, to this Ruby Swiss Chard, and many fresh delicacies in between. (Isn’t it amazing, the things we take for granted  that sustain us? Visually, nutritionally, AND they THRIVE on CO2…oops, sorry, I promised myself I wouldn’t go there)

But, the Heirloom tomatoes are ‘to die for’.

These are ‘eat ‘em like an apple’ tomatoes…or cut up in cubes and sprinkle with a little 25 year old aceto balsamico tradizionale

Compared to supermarket tomatoes, these are a whole ‘nother vegetable….uh,…fruit….

In the basket are Black Prince, Green Zebra, and Rose, while in his left hand is MY favorite, the Striped German.

     I found my way up to Half  Mt. early one morning to photograph Dave and just as we were about to finish shooting, that glorious fog started rolling in from behind. In 20 more minutes, we were covered, but we HAD it ‘covered’ by then. (Sometimes the decision to quit shooting is made for you!)

     Now, at night, in the hills of WVa, there’s not a whole lot to do in the garden, so Dave has a sideline business that , as he puts it, “… blooms under clear, dark mountain skies.”. ( and, very WELL  put, I might say…)

He conducts ‘tours’ of the night skies.

     I don’t know a whole lot about the equipment, but I know he has a BIG telescope equipped with cameras, and a large monitor for easy viewing, AND, a crystal clear, non-light-polluted opening to the Milky Way.  It’s ‘pretty dang cool’. (I got to see some sunspots the day I was there)

     Dave Buhrman has his hands in the soil and his eyes on the heavens and in between the two, walks a good man who is in tune with what is real in this world….and above.

P.s. I don’t think he will mind if I tell you where to get the seeds for these tomatoes…let me know if you want to ‘try your hand’…or just your thumb…your ‘green’ thumb.

~ by rkpowers on March 13, 2010.

5 Responses to “Inside the Portfolio-Part 2”

  1. Randy,
    I think you are a one-man Walker Evans and James Agee. The posts collected would make a fine companion to “Let Us Now Praise Famous Men.” (The Tom Robbins Version)


    • Thanks ever so much, Steve. I found that book (the original) on e-bay a few years ago and cherish the words AND the photos. Your input means a lot…always has


  2. Randy,
    Your blogs are always great. If they aren’t humorous, they’re very thought provoking.
    Thank you!


  3. Beautiful. I love your last sentence before the P.S. that is your summary of this person. Now where do I get some of these seeds?
    Keep up the good work my friend!


  4. Here you go…. or
    Let me know how they grow!


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