Abstract Reasoning


     First, a disclaimer….There is no way, that I know of, to make a photograph that does justice to a painting. You’ve seen Monets and Van Goghs in books, or on the web, but if you have also seen them in person, you know the difference.

It’s virtually impossible to convey the emotion that goes into each brush or knife stroke via photography.

      Having said that, yesterday I photographed a group of paintings by Justin Terry (Nashville/Brooklyn)

The names of the paintings in this group are simply dates. I like that, particularly in abstracts.

Nothing against “Man’s Inhumanity to Man”, or other artist imposed titles, but a date allows the viewer to become involved in the process…

Is this the date he painted it? The day he started?…finished?…How did THAT day differ from all others?

I don’t know. I didn’t ask, or WANT to.

What I  wanted, and was allowed to do, was view it from within the confines/excesses of my own perception.

Could it be a day 3 months prior that stood out emotionally to the artist?

     I think, to most artists, almost every work is in some ways a ‘work in progress’ until the day they die.

(It is rumored that Renoir could only tour the Louvre accompanied by a guard because he had the tendency to try to ‘finish’ paintings as they hung in the gallery.)

     When you look closely at the actual paintings, you can try…hope…to experience a glimpse of what the artist was expressing, in that moment, with that moments’ feeling.

These are ‘detail’ MOMENT photos of some of Justin’s ‘days’.

Maybe I’m trying to over-interpret, but I am fascinated by the story told in a 6’x6′ wordless color diary.

I’m allowed that…aren’t I?…. ‘Freedom of Interpretation’?

     If you are in Nashville this month, Justin’s works are at ZEITGEIST, on 21st Ave. http://www.zeitgeist-art.com/, or, visit Justin at http://www.justinterrystudios.com/ , or on Facebook.

Parting thought.

 We often ask,

“What was in the artist’s mind?”

While the artist may simply be saying,

“Here is my day”




~ by rkpowers on March 17, 2010.

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