Inside the Portfolio-Part 4


    I try to draw inspiration from as many sources as I possibly can. If no inspiration strikes me with the ephemeral ‘2×4’,  I will draw from my lifetime collection of inspiration.  Hemingway, London, The Bible, The Bhagavad-Gita, Andy of Mayberry, Mad Magazine, Lennon and McCartney…ANY of these, and countless others, might serve as the flint for sparking an image or idea in my mind that then leads to the kindling of some unique flame in my vision’s quest.  Add the fuel of a camera, or pen, or guitar, and soon the creative fire is raging….though at times, all that is left at the end of the day are the ashes to rise from, to start anew…to look with fresh, though tempered, eyes.

     This particular image was created to illustrate a line from a song called “Going Right out of My Mind”

The line is, “…but then I see myself, as a half-read book back on the shelf,

Will no one see what else the story may hold?”

This is my VISUAL interpretation of that cry.


     The original  image was shot on 4×5 film. I had intended to shoot in color until I ‘pulled’ a b&w Polaroid and quickly changed my mind.

     This photo was done for no other reason than I ‘had’ to do it. I needed to make it work.  I needed to see it move from my mind  into a physical form.

     At some point, someone saw this image and asked if they could buy it .  Did that ‘validate’ the image for me, the fact that someone wanted it, or was willing to buy it?

     No.  It was nice to hear, but the only thing necessary,  the only thing needed to ‘validate’ a work, is that it is created and it exists, if only for a fleeting moment. 

Everything else is icing. 

I do LIKE icing, though.

A song may break the heart of no one but the singer,

A poem might  bring tears only to the soul of the poet,

A painting may infuse only the painter with the Muse’s ecstasy,

But Creation entwines its’ fingers with us all.

We must not shy from its’ touch.


~ by rkpowers on March 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “Inside the Portfolio-Part 4”

  1. Great picture Randy, What’s the book that’s pulled out?


  2. Thanks, Steve.
    That would be a 1916 printing of Jack London’s “Sea Wolf”, one of my favorite adventure stories. Next to it is a lesser known London work, “The People of the Abyss”


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