The Best Kept Secret

     That’s how the sign in front of the ‘Bar B Que Place'” in White House, TN reads.

“The Best Kept Secret In Town”

I’m gonna blow their cover!

     I usually like to try my FIRST BBQ sandwich with  very little, if any, sauce on it so I can really taste the meat. I was not disappointed!

     I’m no connoisseur, but the rich, buttery flavor of the pulled pork made me hesitate to use a bun, or sauce…or a fork!

    But then, I tried the ‘mild’ sauce and it had the tang that kinda curls the sides of your tongue…Oh yeah…as if your mouth is smiling on the inside…!

You could put this on anything!

     They don’t over-smoke the meat here, but if you like a little more smoky flavor, Chef Ryan has made a version of the mild sauce that they put in the smoker, so you can add more hickory flavor later, if you desire.

     Barbeque is not all they have, either. There’s a daily special, what we call a “Meat and Three” here in the South….plus hoagies, and a big fat bologna (or ‘baloney’) sandwich

     And… this humongous football of a baked potato is especially good with the smoked turkey on it….or brisket…or veggie style. (I DID shoot some pictures here, but I also tasted everything.  Hey….somebody’s gotta do it!)



All home-made.

A marshmallowy chocolate Brownie, Banana Pudding, Pies, and their one-of-a-kind

Piggy Pudding

     Order one of everything and bring out the wheelbarrow to get you out to your car!

Drive-thru, Eat-in, or in the Spring, Summer, and Fall,

there’s a patio, and that quiet peaceful Southern night air is

a perfect complement to good food!

The biggest problem I had on this shoot was that I had to keep telling myself,

“Shoot first, Randy! THEN eat!”….

The Bar B Que Place

White House, TN

(615) 672-3444

~ by rkpowers on March 22, 2010.

5 Responses to “The Best Kept Secret”

  1. YUMMY…I’m only 20 minutes from there..I will check it out!

    The photos are amazing, I want one of everything. NOW.
    There’s nothing better than all homemade Southern cooking. Anything that reminds me of my mom and Grandmother is comfort food.

    We can all use some comfort food, but when we’re homesick, thee’s nothing better.
    thank you Randy and than you Bar B Que Place! I’ll see you soon!


  2. I totally agree with you on this one, Randy! Their food is absolutely delicious! Some of us HHS classmates met for lunch there a few months ago. It was good to see Richard & Karen.


  3. Raconteur, gourmet, troll.


  4. The food and the pictures look amazing. I am gonna have to schedule a trip to White House. There was no Bar B Que Place the last time I passed thru the big city of White House.


  5. The BBQ Place has a new web-site up. It is


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