Inside the Portfolio-Part 5


(I was told that ‘catchy’ blog titles would attract attention…oh, hey, there’s someone banging on my door right now…!)

I suppose “Photographing Children” would be more appropriate.

     As I was ‘coming up’ in the photo business I was told repeatedly “Never shoot children or dogs! They’ll make a fool out of you!”

     So what did I do? I spent several years in which it seemed that every job involved children. Magazine covers, editorial illustrations, head-shots…I enjoyed it! Kids can teach you a lot about yourself. How much patience you have, how much fun you can be, how seriously you ‘take’ yourself…

How much patience you have…

     One thing I learned fairly quickly was to GET THE PARENTS OUT OF THE ROOM. Be certain that the parents are comfortable with you, and there is a ‘monitor’ present, and then have someone take the Mom to get a cup of coffee. The kids who cry, who act up, who won’t co-operate, usually turn out to be just fine when Mom is not there to distract or ‘give direction’. Often, by the time Mom gets back with her coffee, the shoot is over, done, perfect, thank you very much!

The lead-in photo above was done for Coco Bonbons,  ,a Nashville based children’s clothing design/sales firm. This is a Fall ‘line’ of outerwear. 

Good stuff!  Great kids!


were shot at inner-city dental clinics in Omaha and Montgomery.

You talk about some stories!!!!

Kids will either enlighten you or break your heart…or both!

And  by the way, ‘THEY’ were right!  Kids CAN make a fool out of you…

But only if you think your years of experiential ‘knowledge’ equate to actual universal ‘wisdom’.  Wisdom is the smile of a 6-month old feeling grass, or sand, on bare toes for the first time.

That ‘first time’ is what we so often give up, or lose sight of, by growing up.

~ by rkpowers on March 23, 2010.

3 Responses to “Inside the Portfolio-Part 5”

  1. Looking forward to dogs and senior citizens.


  2. The headline picture reminds me of the old Coke “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” commercial. Very authentic.


  3. What a sweet blog, and INCREDIBLE touching photos!! absolutely adorable.
    I need you to shoot my grandsons!! GREAT JOB PAL!


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