Red Hat Society


     While vacationing with the family a while back, as I was heading for the sun, pool, beach, and all things tropical in between, I heard infectious laughter coming from the hotel dining room as I passed.  I have always been attracted to laughter. When I peeked in, I saw a most colorful group of women, having a most joyous time.

     I first did a ‘double-take’ and then I couldn’t help but wander in and start asking questions and chatting.

     At that time I had not heard of “the Red Hat Society”. It apparently was started by a woman who found a red hat at a thrift store and then was indelibly influenced by the poem, “Warning” by Jenny Joseph.

The Red Hat Sociey has grown into a nationwide organization.  Part of their credo is:

     “We are the ones enjoying life to the fullest, no matter where we are or what we are doing! We are the mothers, daughters and grandmothers, of society. Some may ask, “What do you do?” The answer is… We do exactly what we wish to do.”

     I asked the ladies if they would gather for a photo before they departed. As you can see, they didn’t seem to be TOO inhibited by the prospect.

     I e-mailed a copy to the address that they gave me, though I never heard back. I hope they enjoyed it as much as I do. Photographically speaking, this photo is nothing more than a ‘snapshot’.  The ladies provided the color and personality. My only input was to ask their permission and then to place them in front of a suitable background.

     A couple of days ago I wrote about photographing children. Now, from the other end of the age spectrum, I find that unrestricted joy is readily available to any and all who will embrace it, and may only be restricted by something that lies within….emphasis on “LIES”

~ by rkpowers on March 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “Red Hat Society”

  1. Interesting article on the evolution of laughter-thanks for the link. The evolution of the brain is fascinating and the common traits shared with our not so distant cousins in the primate family is a topic that I never tire of.


  2. And when I am an old woman, I want to wear purple too.
    Deb aka Cal aka “Little Rob”
    Can you guess who?


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