‘Da Chefs


     Someone asked me to describe/explain the picture of the Chefs in my blog header. 

     That’s my version of Abbey Road, Reservoir Dogs, and maybe a little Snow White thrown in for good measure.

     This photo was taken on the path to Sam Snead’s steak house at the Golf Club from the main building at the Greenbrier Resort . I had watched various chefs going back and forth, and I thought it might make an interesting picture…a ‘captured moment’, if you will….

     Fairly easy….find some willing subjects, right time of day, and keep saying, “Just one more time!”

     Ok, so sometimes the ‘moment’ has to be captured more than once! ( And I never COULD get one of them to ‘skateboard’ through the others….oh well..)

     One of the great things about working in and around a large kitchen is, not only becoming acquainted with some very talented artisans, but also the ‘fringe benefits ‘ of such an acquaintance.

     One night, late, while I was ‘strolling’ through the kitchen at the Resort, I smelled this inviting Hickory smoke, and asked Chef Jered Miller, “Hey, what’s that?!”

     He said, “Oh I’m experimenting with some smoked Ahi. Give me a minute and I’ll have you ‘test’ it.”

I STILL have marks on my arm from where it was twisted……

Let’s see if I can get this right….

Smoked Ahi marinated in soy ginger…

Scallion/cabbage slaw-Nappa cabbage, with fresh edamame, wakame seaweed with wasabi sambal mayo,

Avocado, and on top, fried egg roll wrapper.

The sauce is soy caramel made with tamari soy sauce and turbinado sugar.

     This shot is NOT what I consider a good food photo, but it IS a photo of GOOD FOOD. I didn’t try to light it properly, I simply had a camera with me and ‘popped’ a shot…then picked up a fork!

It can’t be ALL work…!!!!

Thanks, Chefs!!!

~ by rkpowers on March 30, 2010.

One Response to “‘Da Chefs”

  1. Sounds right to me, Randy. Blog is looking good!


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