Inside the Portfolio-Part 6






     Southern California is known, by photographers, (and sun-bathers) as the home of the ‘best light’. (If anyone wishes to challenge this assertion, I will be glad to do my part and travel to exotic locales to compare….)

     I don’t know if it’s the haze that softens the light, or the angle of the sun, or the  avocados, or the fresh fruits and nuts….but, it truly is a fun place to shoot.

     These two photos were taken at different ends of the day, in different locations, but the shadows are what  attracted me.

     The bridge photo was done after wrapping up a commercial shoot that had nothing to do with the bridge OR the shadows, and the one with the workers was simply a scene viewed from a hotel room balcony.

     I waited, and waited, and ‘willed’ the workers to ‘just one time’ walk exactly where I wanted them to walk. I was late for a breakfast meeting, but I kept waiting… It was all I could do to keep from shouting instructions, but I was afraid that would probably either send them the opposite direction or bring those certain L.A. helicopters to buzz my room.  A couple of the guys finally obliged and one even threw in a backward glance to catch the sun on his face.


     I often like to remove myself briefly from reality (which won’t come as a big surprise to some of you), to shed pre-conceived notions, and look at things without the ‘learned’ symbolic psychology with which our heads are so filled.

     How would an ancient primitive OR a future ‘sophisticate’ interpret these concrete and shadow hieroglyphics?


     I could become totally immersed in the logistical ‘reality’ of Science and wonder, “When will the Earth and Sun again line up exactly as they are here to precisely re-create these shadows?”

Or, better still,

     I could say, “OK, turn off the internal monologue… time to shoot something else!”

     I think I’ll go with that one!


~ by rkpowers on April 8, 2010.

2 Responses to “Inside the Portfolio-Part 6”

  1. Or….”Only the Shadow knows!”


  2. I really love the “look at things as a primitive” idea. I try to do that myself and shed the cultural shackles that so often bind my mind.


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