We’ve all heard it said that ” A picture is worth a thousand words”

I hope that means that a thousand words is worth a picture!

No picture today

A thousand words instead.

Last night I was able to turn it off, for a while…

The internal monologue, that is…no,… dialogue…between my self and the ‘still small voice’. Not THE ‘still, small voice…this one is the intruder….the voice that tries to tell me what things ‘mean’ by using the symbols that I have been taught. You know, the one that proclaims, “THIS STUPID COMPUTER (insert any object here)…WHY IS IT TRYING TO DESTROY MY DAY???!!!!” and then continues to try to convince me all day why my day has been bad….THAT voice!

The REAL ‘Still, small voice’ would probably just sit back and say, “Oh, really!!??” and smile a knowing smile.

     Our house is about a ‘half-a-mile’ from a major Interstate, and a mile from a railroad switching yard that I have always known as Radnor Yard.As I sat on my deck tonight I was fortunate to be able to listen to the world around me without the ‘symbols’ being involved…or, truthfully, I should say they were replaced by other symbols.

     The traffic on the Interstate became the slightly less rhythmic sound of ocean waves. The squeal of metal-on-metal between rail-car and rail was eerily reminiscent of ‘Whale-song’.

     Then, I was transported from the leviathan of the deep to the monster of aggression as the coupling of freight cars projected the image of the cannons of Civil War.


No time, No distance

     As I looked to the vast void above, I followed Orion as he hastened to his Summer disappearance into the West.

I felt my soul drawn into the All, the Nothing.

(The Void? Ha! There are 50 galaxies within the cup of the Big Dipper alone…!!! I don’t think there’s any void there…oh yeah…a word symbol again)

     …Then a passenger jet, a small ‘prop’ plane, and an emergency helicopter followed tonight’s flight path over my house.

Did they really?   Did I SEE them? No.

     Did my mind use the correct symbols to explain what my sense of sound experienced?

     Now I’m back (?)…typing…just finished a ‘chat’ with an old friend who is now 2000 miles away.

Amazing, this technology.

     But also amazing, the connection between my 2000-mile -away-friend, whales, Orion, trains and my hands now pecking out letters on a keyboard that bears little resemblance to the prescribed order of alphabetical symbols.

     But wait…this technology did not just transport me to the ocean, the Civil War, the stars, the Galaxies beyond… Symbols

“You’ve got to know when to hold ’em…”

This really is all a dream, as the Hindu would teach.

The “Kingdom of Heaven is within you”, as Jesus proclaimed.

King Solomon stated, “…ages ago I was set up, at the first, before the beginning of the earth… When he established the heavens, I was there…”

So what is all this other stuff?

     As I go through each day with all of its’ drama, serendipity, design, fate, accident…and the ‘thousand’ other descriptive symbols, I go back to the words of Solomon again and keep pulling on the rope to see what’s in the bucket.

“The purpose in a man’s mind is like deep water, but a man of understanding will draw it out” Proverbs 20:5



Ok, so that was only 500 words…..do I get credit for half a picture?

~ by rkpowers on April 15, 2010.

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