Sisyphus…with a bucket

Or, What would Noah do?

Those of you residing in the Middle Tennessee area know that we got a little rain this weekend…!

     If you believe in the power of prayer, there are many in this area who could use it….remember them. If you DON’T believe in prayer, then get up off your butt and lend a physical hand…there are many who could use that, too.

     I spent the day going back and forth between the garage, with a squeegee, and the downstairs ‘playroom’ with a wet vac.   We ran out of sand-bags and towels so I wondered, “What would Noah do?”  We accumulated quite a Beanie Baby collection several years ago, so……


     We have a ‘French’ drain in front of the garage which, depending on how well the gutters above it are cleaned, and the amount of rainfall, has an aggravating tendency to run over before it runs out.

     I made several trips out in the downpour to check it and dig its’ drainage pathway a little deeper and wider….It was working splendidly!

     Every hour or so, I would stick my head in to check the status and about mid-day, there it was…the ‘puddle’. I quickly rearranged the usual garage clutter so that I could get the water out and stop more from coming in. I knew that once the garage had had its’ fill, the carpeted den was next.

     Uh oh…the water was already approaching the carpet AND the drain was NOT overflowing. I had been snuck up on from behind.

     Kind of like Love..when you think you’ve got it under control, you get a sucker punch.

The water was coming in at a rapid pace, as troubles often do!

     I would turn on the vac in one room and man the squeegee in the next. I couldn’t catch up, but I knew that for every bucket I tossed out (making sure that I was tossing it downhill) there were 5 gallons less that would spread and then linger. ( BTW, you know we always hear, in songs and poems, about the sun shining and the birds singing….well, the birds sing in this stuff, too.  Now I don’t know what they are saying when it rains, but they sing just as sweetly as they do when the sun is shining and flowers are blooming, etc.  I guess that just doesn’t sound right though does it?….” the breath-catching  precursory explosion of light, followed by a booming tympanic rumble, shaking the windows and the soul, mixed with the mellifluous trill of the songbird’s plaintive melody…)

Nah, I didn’t think so.

     Every time I would pass the TV, it showed images and footage of people going through REAL emergencies and I found myself singing the old Vacation Bible School ditty, “Count your blessings, Name them one by one…”


     The ‘voice’ was saying, “Aw, give up. You can’t do this all day and all night. Fuggedaboudit! Guys your age have heart attacks doing this kinda stuff!” That’s when I put my foot down, with a big splash, and said, “Then I’ll die TRYING!.  Excuse me for quoting a Miley Cyrus song, but,   “…It’s the Climb!”

     (As I write this, my back is saying, “You ain’t gettin’ out of bed to-morrooow…you ain’t gonna be able to moo-ove!!!”)

     After several hours of catching up and then falling behind again as the rain continued to fall, I finally DID catch up ‘for good’…unless it rains tomorrow. And then I’ll start rolling the rock back up the hill.

     The damage, loss of property and lives in Nashville and the surrounding areas, has still not been totally assessed, and won’t be for a while. It’s my understanding that the water in some places has not yet ‘peaked’ .

     I feel extremely fortunate that all I have to suffer is a sore back and probably a moldy smell for a while.

I think I can deal with that.

I’m going to post this now, and see if I can find an appropriate rain picture tomorrow.  For actual pictures of the flooding, I’m certain you can Google “Nashville flood 2010” and find plenty..or go here….


~ by rkpowers on May 3, 2010.

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