Having Fun Is Serious Business

     I have a little ‘sideline’ business that some of you know about called PhotoBoothShots.com.

The story of how I ‘fell’ into this is on the web-site, so I won’t repeat it here.

  Saturday night, a wedding reception for a couple whom I had not previously met was, once again, an occasion of tremendous enjoyment for me.

     I often hear comments such as, “This was the highlight of the party”, or “You MADE the reception”. I love to hear critiques like that, but I honestly don’t take any chest-puffing credit…I’ve heard some pretty ‘Rockin’ bands at these parties…that’s what gets the people going first, and all I’m doing is providing a venue for ‘exorcising inhibitions’…to a certain extent….(I mean, we’re not talking Harley Davidson Bike Week or anything!)

That night, though, I got a comment that I DID take to heart.

     One of the attendees said, “What a great job you have!  You get to help people laugh!”

     I had never thought of it in those terms, but it was very satisfying to hear it put in that manner.

No wonder I enjoy it!

     How off-kilter would one have to be to not enjoy urging people to have a good time? What more could I want than to anonymously bring  joy, or at least offer the opportunity to have fun.

    And, as a photographer, this is so (relatively) stress free.  Once everything is set up and ready, it’s up to the guests…Those who don’t like their pictures simply keep trying…and trying….

     (Granted, I don’t expect the Pulitzer Prize or anything  for this)

      Here’s what I would love to do…(maybe I should apply for a government grant….)

     Imagine taking a photo booth to a monastery, an Indian reservation, the floors of Congress, (I don’t know…. Harry Reid in bunny ears with Nancy Pelosi in dreadlocks….maybe there COULD be a Pulitzer Prize!!), the cancer ward of a hospital, the ‘ghetto’, a truck stop, an auto manufacturing facility, an Army base, a fire-and-brimstone, snake-handling church, a homeless shelter, the U. N., …what about setting up just outside the hallowed halls of a major University during finals …anywhere that there is too much ‘intensity’ going on…

     I wonder what would happen if I could drop it down in the middle of a war zone and call a one hour time-out while everyone ‘goofs’ for the camera. I may be wrong, but I think it might be harder to pick up a gun after watching each other let their ‘hair’ down.

     It seems a shame sometimes that we can’t be free and loose and, maybe more importantly, allow others to express themselves  in the harmless ways that are a part of our often suppressed personalities. Bottom line is, when you enter MY photo booth, I’m going to do my best to see that you have some ‘serious’ fun!…or, we’ll keep trying!

And I will enjoy myself as much, or more, than you do!!


~ by rkpowers on May 11, 2010.

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