Two Virgins

I stand guilty of being a sucker for a play on words! (Even if it’s not necessarily a good one!)

“Two Virgins” is the John Lennon album recorded with his beloved Yoko.

     This post was originally (in my mind) titled “Two VERSIONS”, but I couldn’t resist. It has nothing to do with virgins…or maybe it does!

…a ‘virgin moon’ and ….

     My introduction and first experiences with digital photography!!??

I know…it’s a ‘stretch’, but hey!…. stretching is good, keeps us flexible.

     I came kicking and screaming into the digital age when people half my age were already experts. Let me rephrase that…

     I don’t know if they were experts, but they certainly had some terminology that I didn’t grasp which sounded impressive!

     This post has the potential to be a ‘tutorial’, but I think it’s more of a view into my own learning curve.

     I like to ( NEED TO) read tutorials, but I have never felt qualified to write them…but, I don’t mind letting you know that an old dog CAN learn new tricks…..though we sometimes tend to forget the old ones!!!! (Like “Oh, I was supposed to go outside to do that???”)

New Year’s Eve, 2006, or more likely, New Year’s Day, 2007.

     I had stepped out to get a breath of cool, crisp, fresh air before bed when I looked up and saw this…

     Again, this was one of those times when I DIDN’T say, “Oh, how nice, I should shoot that!”

     No, I rushed back to my room, grabbed the camera and tripod and sprawled out on the pavement in my suit and tie…loosened tie… and captured the moment.

Here’s what the Farmer’s Almanac says about moon rings…

     I didn’t pay enough attention to what I was doing technically,  and as I mentioned, being new to digital photography, I had not yet surmised the wonderful ability to change the ISO setting at my whim…well, not actually MY whim, more like the available LIGHT’S whim…

     I mean, when I used to insert a roll of 100 ASA film, I would shoot at 100 ASA, with the thought that it could be ‘pushed’ a bit in the lab, so I shot this as a long exposure at 100 ISO. (Go ahead…Laugh…make fun!!)

Went to bed, didn’t think too much more about it.

When I got home and processed the images, this is what I had…

Disappointed?….Well, yeah!

Enter Nikon Capture and PhotoShop!

     I have learned most of what I know about digital photography and processing by the ‘seat of my pants’. (It seems that every time there is a PhotoShop workshop in town, it’s for the latest version that is one or two generations newer than what I am working with….)

     I found, much to my joy and amazement, that with the movement of one little slider in Nikon Capture, I had the shot that I had previously given up on…

Whoa!…..I like this!

     A little more tweaking of color, etc. and there it was. I’m glad I save everything because had this been film, it would already be on its’ way to the landfill!

     I keep coming back to this image, and recently, as a beta-tester, I was turned on to the Topaz DeNoise software.

     This image afforded the perfect opportunity to test DeNoise. (You’ll need to click on each of these detail images to actually see the effect)

Now we’re getting somewhere!

     So, after 3 years, and much trial and error, this is actually what I saw that night…..morning.  

     If only it had been a week earlier and I could have gotten Santa’s Sleigh streaking across….

You can’t have it all, I guess.

~ by rkpowers on May 24, 2010.

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