And So On…

     Road trip!!!!…. On my way to the Indianapolis 500….My second big race of the year….of my life, actually!  First post in a week….already broke my promise to post something every 2 days…life, you know!

     While I’m driving a fairly ‘straight shot’ up one of the major arteries of the Heartland, Jimmy Webb is weaving a lyrical and musical tapestry via compact disc.  Some people may call other areas of the country ‘the heartland’, but America has a big heart…in more ways than one.

     I experienced an interesting segue of music and travel when Webb’s orchestral piece, “Land’s End” played just as I was leaving the beautiful, undulating, green primitive-ness of northern Kentucky and entered the city of Louisville. I don’t think Jimmy Webb had a ‘woods to concrete’ image in mind when he wrote this piece,  but it afforded me a new twist on the song AND the view. (BTW…anyone who seriously feels that our country, or the world for that matter, is ‘over-crowded’ has evidently not driven through Kentucky…or Tennessee… or Arkansas….or the  Heartland in general.)

     As I was enjoying the vast undeveloped areas of Kentucky viewed from the ‘artery’ of I-65, I realized that to really see America, one needs to travel down the ‘veins’ of the country…off the beaten path.

     One such hidden jewel is Wigwam Village. 

     Located in Cave City,  it can’t be seen from the Interstate, or on TV. It is one of the last vestiges of the original ‘mobile’ America…from a time when the norm was to travel as far as the family would allow and stop at a motel…a ‘motor-hotel’ for the night.

     I can remember as a kid stopping at a motel, on our way to Texas, and sitting in the car with my Dad and Brother listening through the radio static as Cassius Clay defeated Sonny Liston for the HeavyWeight boxing title….TV in the room?…I don’t think so….Cable?….a dream for the future…We painted our own pictures using the palette of  words and descriptions provided by  Howard Cosell, and the other distinct broadcast voices of the day.

     To have come upon a place like WigWam Village would have been the highlight of the trip for an 8 year old boy….highlight?! …it could have been the final destination…!!!

     There are still two other ‘Wigwam Villages’ that remain. 

     The one   in Cave City, (#2), is located near Mammoth Cave and several other ‘entrances’ to the cave system that runs through  under this part of the country.

     Also in Cave City, one might find every form of concrete ‘yard art’ that can be imagined.  You don’t get this just anywhere….not the big city malls, for sure.  Now, how you get this home to your yard is a logistical challenge that I have not worked out…..

      Upon arriving in Indianapolis, I was impressed and pleased with the beauty of the downtown area.  This is the facade of the Indiana Theater.

     And, one more….I couldn’t resist.  A ‘handicapped parking meter’ on Washington Street…..ooops????!!!

     I am processing the images from the 500 and will try to make up for skipping a few days by posting them tomorrow.

Oh,…I almost forgot Jimmy Webb’s most appropriate line for a road trip….”if you see me getting smaller, I’m leaving….”


~ by rkpowers on May 31, 2010.

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