You Be the Art Director


     I have found a location that I really like, but I can’t seem to make up my mind what I want to do with it photographically….

  I have taken down the names of the agents who are trying to sell this property and I really, really hope I can cajole them into letting me place lights inside the building, streaming out through those dirty windows.


     Got any ideas?  (BTW, those of you who ARE art directors, feel free to read the title as “You BE the art director!”)   

I keep picturing this spot as something out of WWII Europe.

Is that it?

     A soldier and ‘Fraulein’ saying their goodbyes? (I don’t think a Panzer tank is in the budget….my ‘boss’ is asking ,”WHAT BUDGET?”….I’ll have to get back to ‘me’ on that!)…a family passing through the light as they are furtively escaping from ‘who knows what’ demon that is chasing them…(It becomes fairly apparent what my reading material and movie choices have been lately…)

     Or should I get far away from that idea entirely and have a 6 year-old ballerina skipping down the lane, oblivious to her surroundings….?

A clown?

A gnarly old country band?

     A group of ‘Tom Sawyers’ playing marbles…or climbing on each other’s backs to peek through the windows..or both at the same time?

A female model in a red dress?

     Something that fits in with the location, or something that is totally incongruous?

A pony cart filled with pumpkins led by an old farmer…?

A Maserati?

     A Maserati with a model in a red dress saying goodbye to a WWII soldier who is a clown being led by a 6-year-old ballerina riding in a pony cart filled with ‘Tom Sawyers’….


     I’ll try to hone MY ideas into something workable, and possible, but as long as I’m there….

Whaddaya think?

Hit me!

~ by rkpowers on June 17, 2010.

9 Responses to “You Be the Art Director”

  1. I see an unhealthy cow standing outside on the lane (in the shot you’ve included) in a resigned grazing pose. I guess it’s a statement against futile factory farming. Just a gust to offer the brainstorm.


  2. How about a beautiful Model A driving down the lane or a boy leading a cow or goat. I am just brainstorming with you bro. Love the building.


  3. I’m picturing black and white photography and the pony cart but with huge bean pods in the back and a few “blank staring” people standing guard with pitch forks over stacked pods in and surrounding the building with a few others hauling the pods to and from the building to the pony cart.
    I guess you can tell what movies I’ve been watching lately!!


  4. Ghosts from the movie “The Gathering” walking on water.


  5. Green Jaguar XK120,top down,driver stopped.Talking to as young(but of age)woman on a bicycle.Period dress.Would also work with mid 60`s XKE roadster,same situation,more colorful outfits.


  6. A row of ducks waddling down the road. Happy I don’t have to be the one to arrange that particular photo shoot!

    Alternately, a mother w/ a baby carriage…with twins…walking down the road.


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