“I’m Mad, You’re Mad, We’re All Mad Here!”

     This is going to bounce around a bit, but hopefully, as in jumping on a trampoline, no matter how many flips and twists and turns I take, I will land in one place.. And not on my head!.

     The picture above was taken with my cell phone at DisneyWorld, last week, while spending a little vacation time with my wife, daughter, and our niece. I debated taking a ‘real’ camera with me because I knew there would be many opportunities to capture the various stages of joy in the faces of the park guests…(and, by the end of the day, the various OTHER emotions of parents and children), not to mention the incredible architecture of this fantasy world. I didn’t take a camera, and during the deluge that occurred immediately before the scheduled fireworks show, I was glad that I hadn’t packed it.

     The main gist of this blog is “Vision”, and perspective, and goals… inspired by Walt Disney and also by David DuChemin, whom I have mentioned before http://www.pixelatedimage.com/blog/…and by my friend Dave McCaskell…one of my favorite singer/songwriters.

     I was greatly honored to have been chosen as one of six photographers to join DuChemin in Seattle next weekend to take part in a 3 day photo workshop that will be broadcast (?) Live via the web. He had asked for anyone interested in joining in to submit a 60 second video explaining their desire, or reasons for wanting to take part. I shot a fairly silly spot, submitted and was picked. Sadly, as it turns out, I cannot make the trip after all.  Disappointed?…Greatly…

     But there always seems to be something that can put things into perspective. Yesterday, I visited with a dear, old friend who is in a physical rehabilitation facility, wrestling with the prospects of surgery that could lead to being paralyzed, confined to a wheelchair, or possibly worse. (I feel that my job, as a friend, is to constantly remind him of the BEST case scenario)  He can see Five Guys, the hamburger joint a couple of blocks away, through his room window, and he told me that his goal is to make it to Five Guys for a burger and fries….!

I can’t make the trip to Seattle?….BIG DEAL!

Walt Disney!

     Now there’s somebody who strikes me as being an example of ‘Vision’ realized.. There’s a short bio at http://www.norsknettskole.no/fag/ressurser/itstud/fuv/gunnargrodal/bio.htm or a longer one at http://www.justdisney.com/walt_disney/biography/long_bio.html Try to imagine America without HIS influence and contributions!

     Though he ‘passed’ in 1966, he continues to inspire, educate, and entertain literally millions of people yearly. I can only imagine how his fertile mind worked and wonder about the many ideas that he may have had that were above and beyond the technological means of the times.

    (BTW, the title quote is from the Mad Hatter, and NO, I will not ride the Mad Hatter’s Teacups! Did it once in Disneyland, years ago…got a little too into it, and my head has been spinning ever since!!… along with my stomach!)

     Back to the photography workshop. David DuChemin’s photography motto is “Gear is Good, Vision is Better”, and his books and blog posts have been a help and inspiration to hundreds, if not thousands, who are dealing with the expression of their personal ‘vision’.

     For anyone who is interested, the web cast is free to join and I expect to be there online, since I can’t attend in person. Here’s where to sign up.


     I’m certain that even if you aren’t interested in Photography as a career, or even a hobby, it will be a fun and inspiring workshop to at least check in on.

     So, whether your vision is to build a fantasy world, or to improve the future, or to make art, or to get up and walk two blocks for a burger, we all have our goals… or should have. And, NOW is always the best time to start realizing them. Without something to strive for, we tend to accomplish little. I think goals need to be realistic, but with a touch of the infinite. I have always said, “I want to aim for the stars, so that I can at least get to the moon!”

(Oh, and one of the greatest Disney innovations is the FASTPASS…by all means, get it if you’re going to DisneyWorld!)

     There….I don’t think I landed on my head….maybe not my feet either, but,… (or should that be ‘butt’?)

~ by rkpowers on July 19, 2010.

3 Responses to ““I’m Mad, You’re Mad, We’re All Mad Here!””

  1. Ah you went THERE! i am curious what all you saw and what “Rides” you went on.


  2. Hey RBCIII….Well, started on the train from entrance to FrontierLand…rode the Thunder Mt Railway (twice, actually..once in the morning and once at night…sounds like a Jimmy Webb song)…we were the LAST ride of the night. They closed it down due to lightning…great ride at night, in the rain, with lightning!!!! Out of order, Space Mt., Haunted Mansion, Peter Pan, Pirates, Monorail, Buzz Lightyear, Carousel, Small World, Splash Mt…Snow White… Had to skip Swiss Family Treehouse…as we were approaching, a kid threw up across the entrance so we moved on…!!! What else….? Love The Hall of Presidents, and Carousel of Progress…didn’t think the teens would like it but it remains one of their faves…The 3-D movie was incredible…surely there’s more….10 hours non-stop with FastPass….


  3. Wow. you made it thru a lot of places! excellent choices. i was just recently talking to someone about Thunder Mt. being perhaps the only thing at DisneyLand that i had not been on. i did not even know the Carousel of Progress existed anywhere in the present day. BUT NOW WHAT IS THE BUZZ LIGHTYEAR RIDE LIKE? IT IS NOT ON THE WEST COAST TO MY KNOWLEDGE.


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