Teaser, deux

     Okay, this is the second ‘teaser’. When I get to the third, fourth, and fifth, etc., installments, they won’t be teasers anymore. You, and I, will both feel as if I’m moving forward.

This is ‘Butch’ McCord. WOW! Not the picture,…Him!

     If this project becomes nothing more than something that I will cherish for the rest of my life, I feel blessed, honored, and educated.

     Mr. McCord had, not only an incredibly vibrant personality, but also several scrapbooks that he and his wife had put together over the course of 60 some odd years.

     I spent about 4 hours with him. Not nearly enough, but he did invite me to come back and watch some baseball with him. (I intend to follow up on that!)

     Though I am saving his story, I want to introduce his wife, Christine…Mrs. McCord…Butch’s ‘first’ wife…of 59 years.

     As he and I were talking, she would pass through occasionally offering iced, sweet, Southern tea, and an ‘over the shoulder’, winking comment.

     I asked her, at one point, “Don’t you want to stay and talk baseball?” She smiled and replied,” I have Divorced myself from baseball….!”, spoken with the sly smile of someone who was trying to imagine that through a blood transfusion they had become a new and different person. At another ‘pass through’ she said, “Why don’t you just take him with you?!” while the twinkle in her eye was intimating that actually ‘taking him’ would be a task that was only allowed by her to God above. She has been with Butch long enough to have shared his on-field triumphs and felt the disappointments of being ‘looked-over’ because of the color of his skin. She knows more about baseball, and life, than I imagine I’ll ever know.


     Mr. McCord called me the day after I photographed and interviewed him and asked, “Did I wear you out?” I said, “No sir, as a matter of fact, I was just thinking about getting back with you to watch some baseball.” After a couple of minutes of conversation, I said, “There may be some other questions I come up with, if that’s okay….?” His response was, “If it’s for humanity, I’m willing.”

If it’s for humanity….

I hope it is, Mr McCord….I hope it is!

~ by rkpowers on August 16, 2010.

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