Musing Right Along

     I have had a post ready for a week, but am awaiting ‘approval’…it’s about a particular person in a particular situation and I felt compelled to run it by their ‘camp’ before releasing pictures and words…

I had absolutely nothing bad to say about this person,…quite the contrary, but still, I await…


     So this will be musings, as the title warns, because I am A-mused, and I am constantly trying to be in touch with THE Muse …whichever one chooses to push me along…(I know, I know, there’s only one name for all of them, but we humans historically like to categorize, as it gives us a sense of control….)

     My friend Dave, Amazon Ted has become his nickname, is improving nicely. (This is random, I haven’t dwelt on the subject because I had no doubt that he would improve.) He has progressed from 2 planned surgeries to ‘fix’ his spine, each possibly resulting in permanent paralysis, to NO surgeries because “Your spine seems to be healing itself!” No offense intended to anyone who believes otherwise, but this, to me (and Ted…and many others, doctors included) is a God thing…an exercise in Faith…Trust…(and personal determination! The great I AM…)

You may not believe it, but it is undeniable. Call it what you will…

…IT happens…and will happen more and more, IF we let it, accept it, and expect it. Again, no offense to Doctors, but…the Hippocratic Oath was not around at the beginning of mankind, so, how did our ancestors get by? Herbs, natural healing, Faith, death….all flowing…

     We are born, we live, we die…..I think too many people forget that the middle part is where we can exercise some free will…The first and last are simply how it is! I have not heard of anyone recently controlling their own birth OR death….controlling others, yes, but that gets into what has become a ‘political’ issue.(I hope no one that I know equates ‘political’ with ‘moral’! That would be a real stretch!) I would have nothing against Dr Kevorkian and his ilk, if all he was doing was saying, “Okay, you want to die?…Go ahead….Take off!…Okay,… any time now…You can start when you’re ready… We’re waiting….Uh….You gotta jump..I’m not gonna push….It’s okay, they really can’t prosecute you for suicide…That’s between you and…well, never mind, just die for cryin’ out loud”)


Next ramble….

     Last night , one of my daughter’s friends ‘mused’, “I like to think about what people did before there were cell phones”…

     I had to laugh and then responded, “Well, I actually was one of those people! We didn’t feel that we always had to be on call…or constantly, readily available. It was kinda nice, as I recall, to trust that everything was okay, and we would see each other (family-wise) at the supper table, and if there was a crisis in the middle of the day…well, you took care of it the best way you could without having to search for ‘feedback’ from others. And, as far as work (this was not to her, just my musings) it went on and, again, you did the best that you could do…!!! One of my favorite quotes, EVER, particularly as it pertains to business, is “A lack of preparation on your part does NOT necessarily constitute an emergency on my part!” Cell phones seem to be the tool of ‘created’ emergencies. (E-mail can get that way, too. I hate when I get an e-mail with one of those red exclamation points that is used to denote urgency….If it’s urgent, CALL me…but it rarely is!)

Still waiting…..and now I’m wondering if that particular post is even worth the wait….I guess that’s my answer.  I get answers in a lot of ways that I don’t anticipate.  I guess it’s just my job to hear, and recognize  them.


~ by rkpowers on September 2, 2010.

One Response to “Musing Right Along”

  1. The cell phone “muse” reminds me of an incident that happened between my wife and nephew. It only illustrates how far technology has taken all of us but also how much has changed between generations.
    My wife has a 1970 VW Beetle that is only employed into use when one of our “regular” vehicles is in the shop for maintenance. On one particular occasion, my wife’s car was in the shop and had to use the “Bug” to pick up my nephew after school. After settling into the car my wife noticed that he seemed a little perplexed and asked what was troubling him. My nephew’s response was “Where was the switch to turn off the airbags?” and, since the “Bug” has the old handcranked windows, “How do I roll the window down?”
    Ahhh, how far have we really advanced????


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