The Devil’s Eggplant

     I’m tired of the lowly avocado being picked on…

     You know, “It’s not easy being green…” and all that…

     Granted, it may deserve it for being the central color scheme of so many kitchens back in the sixties, but to be so closely associated with The Devil ?…

I mean, how does a perfectly tasty…..what?!

Oh…the phrase is “The Devil’s ADVOCATE…!”?

Well, then…that changes everything.

     I was prepared to offer a substitute… the eggplant…(mainly because I still have a hard time eating eggplant after a particularly….‘hell-ish’ experience with Eggplant Parmesan in Little Italy, in Manhattan, several years ago.)

I guess then I’ll have to stick to the theme “the devil’s advocate”.

     I happen to know that the ‘devil’s advocate’ is doubt…particularly self-doubt…though WE become the henchmen when we cast doubt at our family and friends. The advocate then calls in his henchmen, his ‘homies’… procrastination, fear, resistance, complacency, distraction, apathy…to name a very few. (His friends are legion and wear many masks)

     These guys tend to wait until something important, something creative, starts to gel in our minds and then,… here they come…peeking over our shoulders….whispering in our ears…tapping us on the left shoulder while we’re leaning to the right…a ‘root’ in the path, sticking a foot out to trip us on our upward climb  towards enlightenment….a walk uniquely our own…a thought, expression, or dream that could be of benefit to ourselves and probably…undoubtedly to others, also.

     When you perform an act of ‘ good’ with, for,or in spite of your ‘self’ ,it is added to the great conglomeration of’ good…same with bad….it affects the entire human race. “No man is an island…”  *

(Two well known phrases in this one * John Donne paragraph)

   (St. Thomas is an island…Kitchens sometimes have islands…and that brings us back to avoca-Doe, a deer…       sorry…)

     We hear, “You can’t do that!”, or, “What will people think?”, or, “You’ve got some other things you need to tend to, first!”

      Brilliance is most often squelched by the inner voice, (emphasis on the small ‘i’) speaking with the accent and inflections of doubt…the ‘don’t get involved’, ‘don’t go there’, ‘maybe you should think about this’,  words that have turned around each and every one of us on occasion and probably changed the world…or KEPT it from changing.

     How many times have we known in our hearts that we needed, felt compelled, to do something, but there was that nagging nay-sayer that kept us in check. I know it happens to me constantly.

I fight it every day.

     The picture of the eggplants above was taken last night. Not because I expected to do anything of value, or create an image that would garner accolades…no, because I didn’t want to give in to the devil, plain and simply.  (AND, because they are so dang ‘cute’!)

I can no longer live with the voices that tell me ‘No’ or ask, “Why would you…?”

     So it’s my way of saying, “Hey, You didn’t make me, and you certainly are not going to UN-make me! This is what I do, this is what I am, and I’m going to barrel through the false barriers that you are trying to erect!”

     Sure, I could have watched TV, checked e-mails, read a book, any number of other things that you tossed in front of me, but I’m going to prove that I have more control than you.

I can do THOSE things later.

I posted a ‘poem’ (?) on June 21

     I started not to do it. Resistance asked, “Ha, you think you have something to say?” (I replied, “I’m not saying it…it CAME to ME!”) Then fear chimed in with, “You want people to think you really think like that?” (Of course, I was able to allay Fear by pointing out that there are only about 2 ½ people who read this anyway.)

     This post is actually another way for me to push the devil away. I had led myself (…the Devil made me do it!) to believe that if I couldn’t tell an interesting story, or offer some words of importance, that I should simply wait until they were available….

     I have succeeded in dispelling that notion…if only in my own mind…

Most importantly, in my own mind!

So, here devil….Here’s your eggplant! You can take it now.

Ooops, I lied…..(to the devil, yet….what an appropriately perfect paradox!)

     I actually cut up the eggplant and sauteed it in butter, olive oil, and a splash of sesame oil, along with yellow squash, zucchini, carrot, green and red Bell peppers, celery, spinach, fresh tomato and of course, onion and some fresh herbs, and served it over rice with a little soy sauce….

No fear, no resistance, no doubt!…….Full-filled heart

I can deal with the devil’s avocado…and his advocates as well…

Eggplant is still a little ‘if-fy’



~ by rkpowers on September 5, 2010.

One Response to “The Devil’s Eggplant”

  1. Make that three and one half.


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