Turn off your mind, Relax and Float downstream…

They are here again…the doldrums…the dreaded cobwebs….

     There is a Scottish folk fable of a man who was given a magical keg that always seemed to be filled with ale. It never emptied. Pull up a glass, open the spigot and forever it flowed. He didn’t question the magic, he simply enjoyed his ale.

     After a time, his maid-servant became curious of what was actually happening within this keg…

     One night she pried the top off and when she held a candle over it to see what ‘magic’ was inside,  all she saw were cobwebs…

And the keg never produced another drop of liquid!

I’m trying SO hard NOT to pry the top off

To enjoy the gift without question

To let it flow.

     The dictionary definitions of ‘doldrums’ of course, bring into play the common, modern usage which generally speaks of stagnation…a dullness…a lack of productivity…boredom…depression…low spirits…and one of those beautifully syllabic words, despite its meaning,


     The original terminology is from sailing, describing the area around the equator where sometimes ships would languish and float with no directional prevailing winds.

     I’m fairly certain that this is when the rum and fights would break out…when patience would wear thin…when the goal, the shore, the port, the prize, seemed farthest from view, and sometimes beyond imagining…when nerves would fray and frayed ropes would be mended….by the ‘seasoned’…

The patient.

     While reading the definition though, I came upon an inspiring activity related to the ‘doldrums’.

“Hurricanes originate in this region”…!!!!

That’s what I’m looking for!

     I relish the thought of being the Captain who sees and feels, in the distance, the thunder heads rising, the smell of ozone, the apprehension of gales…or the welcome breath of life to snap the sails into fulfilling their promise of purpose…their purpose of promise.

So, presently I languish…

     I try to recognize the ‘calm before the storm’, anticipating the next gust, the scent of lightning, the crash of waves…or the further testing of my patience, my existence, to ‘ride out’ the norm.

I’m ready for the storm…!

Am I ready for the alternative?

     It’s the doldrums that I have the hardest time dealing with. Sometimes I’m up, sometimes I’m down, and sometimes there’s that excruciating ‘in between’…

My own personal, private ‘climate change’….

     I’m sitting perceptually still, trying to mend the  nets while casting an eye towards the future without taking my heart and soul out of the present…waiting for the winds of change… raising the sails to check their sea-worthiness…utilizing this period of seemingly aimless drifting to prepare myself for the certainty of renewed vigor and  motion, whether smooth and swift or turbulent and challenging…

Or, all of the above.

(P.s. I had forgotten that I had this photo in my ‘stock’. While the family was on a ‘whale-watching’ cruise in southern California, I looked up and saw what appeared to be a ‘ghost ship’ on the horizon… Shot on infra-red film.)

p.p.s.  Thanks to John Lennon for the title…

~ by rkpowers on September 25, 2010.

One Response to “Turn off your mind, Relax and Float downstream…”

  1. Hey! WE met at the Wynonna event. Can you send me your contact info ? I sent the approved photo to a publication and they need it in a jpeg format. thanks!


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