You Want What?…When?….

     I find myself, once again on a small island in upper Michigan, or more specifically, a small island in Lake Huron….second visit here, and I am again stricken by the technological incongruities of this particular spot in America.

     This morning I received, while listening to hoof-beats from outside my window, an e-mail requesting a print of a photo that I took some time ago.  I pulled a small external hard drive from my laptop case, plugged it in, found the image and sent it, via the internet, to a photo lab with the client’s printing parameters.

Wait a minute…!!!

Whoa, Whoa, Whoooooa!!!!

     I am not one of those ‘techno-phobes’, but maybe a ‘techno-infant’ who will still hold up a vinyl LP,(What’s that…four steps back on the musical technological evolution chart?) and look at the grooves and not understand how a needle, touching the ‘scratches’ in the surface while the record spins around, can sound like John Lennon or a Mozart Clarinet Quintet.  I just don’t get it!

And now, I take it for granted that I can find an image from amongst the thousands on a playing-card sized device, and SEND it…

Just send it….poof…! …gone…!

In your Inbox, 800 miles away in seconds.

No needles, no grooves, no physical touch during the transfer process.

This is what struck this ‘inquiring mind’.

     When I send this image, does it exist through the entire journey? …(I mean, I KNOW I’m not really sending a picture, per se) or is it similar to the proverbial tree falling in the woods…?  If there is no recipient, does it cease to exist?

     AND…if it exists from my device to your receptor, is there a dimension where all of these digital bytes are zipping around to their destinations…?

     AND, furthermore, if this information is capable of traveling through the ‘ether’ and materializing in another location, do thoughts have the same capacity for travel and manifestation?  I know there are those who would answer, “Definitely!”

     Would thoughts and wishes then be considered digital or analog?…or something else entirely. What about prayer?

     Some say prayer makes no difference, but if I can send a photo into the atmosphere and it materializes elsewhere, how can I believe that thoughtful desires and hopes  do not?

God is Love.

If Love exists, then God exists. 

     If God exists, then anything is possible…Actually, if I can send an image around the world while riding on a horse-drawn carriage, then anything is possible!


     Do we control, unbeknownst to many of us, destiny and outcomes by the thoughts, hopes, dreams, and prayers that we send out?

     The prevailing mindset during the 1930’s and 40’s of Nazi Germany certainly created an outcome!  Fortunately, at that time, the collective thoughts of the rest of the world were stronger.

So where are we now?

What influences do we impose on our world by the ‘mere’ ideas in our hearts and minds?

      Could the ‘ bytes’ that we send out in thought waves be a contribution to the ills, or the health, of the world? … the collective battling of crossed consciousness and purposes, or the conglomeration of parallel reason and goals?

     I would wager that if the entire human race could focus on Peace, or Love, at the same time, we would turn back into Light.

I’m afraid that’s a pipe dream, since the definitions of Peace and Love are so diverse even within our own culture.

     When I e-mail a photo, I trust that the photo that I send will be the same as the photo that is received, so if I send out negative thoughts…disgust, impatience, intolerance…I must assume that they are being received ‘in kind’….same with the good thoughts…I mean, really, if I call someone, or their beliefs “ignorant”, am I really adding anything positive to the grand scheme of things, or simply making myself feel superior…? ( and I use the term ‘I’ loosely here)

     So now I am typing this on a laptop computer, somehow connected to the rest of the world, yet isolated on a small, small parcel of land in a much larger body of water, in a place that doesn’t even exist for the majority of the world’s population, at the same time feeling a unique sameness with every bit, every byte of ethereal currency that I’ve invested in a corporeal world.

No wonder, to me, that I sometimes feel out of place…

And at other times,  perfectly IN place.

~ by rkpowers on October 20, 2010.

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