Nine Nights, Nine Beds…

Well, make that eight beds and one couch.

     I know… to a traveling musician that would sound like a normal week, but I haven’t played that role in quite some time. I prefer to park somewhere when I have to travel, unpack everything and keep it in one place until the trip is over…Move in…(I’m a Taurus, and no matter what you may think of astrology, I enjoy Home the most)

     But, instead of sleeping all day and performing a two hour show, I usually arise before the sun and push until sunset, or often, after.

I’m not saying it’s a rougher life because quite often I get to spend my time on the road in very nice places.

My ‘faux life of luxury’ as my buddy Eric calls it.

     This particular trip included a couple of nights in a 4-star hotel, but also a couple in No-star accommodations. Toledo, Mackinac Island, Mackinaw City, Lansing, Nashville, Thousand Oaks and Burbank… (One of the nine nights was spent at home…..and NOT the one on the couch…..and what a joy is was to sleep in my own bed….)

“There’s No place like home!…There’s No place like home!”…Dorothy Gale

From Mackinac Island, with no automobiles, to Los Angeles with….seemingly, more autos than people…and the fascination of seeing the country in between, from 30,000 feet..

     5 a.m. on a crisp Autumn, upper Michigan morning. I was the first to awaken. Possibly because I had slept on a couch. (A Naugahyde couch…no less) Through an ‘accommodation malfunction’, there were three guys and two rooms, so I took the couch. I don’t sleep well ‘on the road’ anyway, so why waste a bed on me…?!

     As I blearily peered (or at the time, I may have peerily bleared) through the bay windows overlooking the deserted Main street of Mackinac Island, the only light I saw reflecting from the dew glistened pavement offered the inviting warmth of a coffee shop two blocks away. I decided to conduct my own version of room service and spare the three of us from the ‘hotel room’ coffee maker.

     The streets, the town, the world it seemed, was slumbering on the edge of dreams…on the brink of eternity… but for the yawning and stretching porters who foggily awaited the arrival of the tourists and visitors on ferries from the Mainland.

Even the island horses were still munching their stable breakfasts.

     As I returned towards the room, I glanced to my left down an alley, to the East, and noticed the glow…one of those ‘glows’ that stop you in your tracks, take your breath…make you forget what you’re doing and ask yourself…well, MY-self….”Uh, why don’t you have a camera with you???!!”

“Because, I was just going for coffee!!”

     I breathlessly rushed to the room, said, “Here’s some coffee. I’ve gotta go! Look out the back window!”, and ran with my LowePro camera bag  to the end of the closest dock.

     The first thing I did was to take a major, soothing, smiling, refreshingly deep breath….did I mention ‘smiling’?…and looked for a bicycle…That’s the Culture here, on Mackinac Island. More bicycles and horses than people, so…

     This is an un-retouched/un-manipulated image of what I was fortunate enough to have permeate my eyes, infuse my heart, and slice cleanly into my soul with God’s own scalpel.  ( The young lady in the photo showed up to catch the first ferry, so she was unceremoniously ‘drafted’ to be a ‘model’.)

“That’s it! Done for the day! Seen enough!”

Though I wasn’t done…

Never have been…

Never will be!

I’m just getting started.

And I am so glad for that.

~ by rkpowers on November 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “Nine Nights, Nine Beds…”

  1. Fantastic!!! Thanks for sharing Randy!


  2. congratulations Randy…seems like you’re living a long due dream.


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