You Are The Gazillionth Visitor!!!!!

Well, not really…maybe if gazillion means the  twelfth….

         I found some 16×20 prints of this staircase in Shaker Village, Pleasant Hill, Ky., and I’m giving at least one away.   I mentioned this staircase in a previous post

     The print is from the original 35mm negative, so any retouching was done with a small brush and a bottle of Spot-tone.  For you strictly digital people, that is the rotary phone equivalent of the Photoshop rubber stamp, but with an actual brush and a solution that you have to mix with water to get the right tone….I wouldn’t call this a ‘Limited Edition’ print….there WAS no ‘Edition’….I simply went in the darkroom and made a few…

Oh, the places you’ll go!….(Dr. Seuss)

So, here’s the catch…You knew it, didn’t you?

What you have to do is

1) Subscribe to this blog

     (It won’t hurt much. That just means that you will get an e-mail notice when a new post happens.  Better than spam, though maybe NOT better than a good TN country store baloney and cheese)  If you already subscribe, go to step 2

2) Enter a comment     

     (It must be at least one word…your choice….see how ‘open’ I am?)

     Next week I will pull the name out of a hat…actually, it will be a little more hi-tech than that, and send someone this print.


Shameless self promotion…well, a little shame, but better than selling prints at a yard sale…you think?


~ by rkpowers on November 18, 2010.

7 Responses to “You Are The Gazillionth Visitor!!!!!”

  1. Pick me Pick me!!!!! I love it.


  2. amazing. where is that yard sale ???


  3. Lovely image – I for one don’t miss the days of spot tone 😀


    • Nor do I! It was a fairly un-forgiving process…at least for me. I might have more copies of this print had I not ‘spotted’ a little too heavily in places…


  4. ridiculously good…….how’s that? That TN baloney and cheese sounds great. Can you include that in the prize package if I win (and I should)??? Hope you are doing well and enjoying life and many blessings.

    Cuz Jack


  5. Sign me up Randy!!


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