…And There Was Light…!


  I subscribe to very few blogs, mostly ones written by other photographers, and today’s post from Mpaul Photography brought up a subject that has been insidiously crawling under my skin for quite some time.

     She talks about the CFL, Compact Florescent Light, that was introduced a few years ago when ‘global warming’ seemed a foregone conclusion….

To some…


     I bought a few, at the suggestion of one of my kids, who had been convinced that these curly-cue, don’t work with dimmers, slow to warm up bulbs, would save us a certain large percentage on our electric bills,

while at the same time, be safer for the environment.

     I think, at that time, it was claimed that simply replacing one incandescent bulb with one (higher percentage price than the savings), CFL would show a noticeable reduction in electrical usage.

Now, first….

     I think everyone, regardless of what accusations are bandied about in the media, wants a clean environment….Well, except for that guy who just threw a McDonald’s bag out of his car window…

     Although it is hard, no… impossible to compare one day and one week to another as far as a family of four’s energy usage, I can’t say that I saw any change…much less a major change.


I read the warnings on the CFL package!!!

     Mpaul included a link to the government’s official word on the subject, and I hope she doesn’t mind me also using it.

Take a look, but what it basically says if, if you break one,

RUN!    And call HazMat….!!!!

And don’t dare throw them away….???!!!

So, wait a minute…..

This is an improvement?


(and this is why I have not touched on this subject before…I was afraid I might be drawn into a ‘government’ rant…)

     Somehow, for some reason, our Congress has voted to ‘out-law’ the incandescent bulb so that they can all be replaced by CFLs.

Ok….again…..Saving the Environment …Good!

Implementing the ‘change’  by coercion through emotional insanity…..Not so good!

Outlaw a light bulb????!!!!

     No wonder we’re having trouble in this country. Next thing you know they’ll say unemployment helps the economy…..oh…wait….never mind….

     Already, in some European countries they are rethinking this idea of replacing incandescents with CFLs. (Well, ‘re-thinking’ would indicate that it was thought out in the first place….)

     If our Congress shows no propensity to ‘re-think’ then maybe we should all pick a day to help Congress

“See The Light!”

by packaging up our burnt-out CFLs and shipping them to Washington. Let THEM dispose of them!  After all, it was THEIR idea!

     I’ll bet a million or two light bulbs in the Congressional mail room might give them pause to think,

or, giving them the benefit of the doubt…. ‘re-think’

(And then we can take on the ethanol debacle…  Stop, RKP…..quit while you’re….well, just quit…!!)

     The opening picture has nothing to do with incandescent OR florescent light.

     This is from the Dale Chihuly exhibit and is a detail from a 30 foot ‘neon’ sculpture…Saffron Tower 

     Well, probably not actually neon, though ‘neon lights’ is sort of like making a ‘Xerox’ or drinking a ‘Coke’….Since these tubes are yellow, it is most likely Helium inside. Any ‘neon’ afficionados out there, feel free to correct me.    Neon, I believe is what’s inside the RED lights that we see.

So, Mpaul….thanks (?) For getting me started, and BTW

I like her picture better

Go take a look


~ by rkpowers on December 13, 2010.

3 Responses to “…And There Was Light…!”

  1. Of course I don’t mind 🙂 Thanks for all the links – those lightbulbs are nasty things despite the hype. By the way, according to an IEE article I read a few years ago (Institute of Electrical Engineers) the incandescent lightbulb industry was given a deadline (2012 or 2014 I think) to meet the certain government reqs – the article said that not only were they meeting the reqs, they were producing incandescents that matched the lower CFL energy use. Hopefully the incandescents will not only improve, but stick around for a while.

    Nice shot – Chihuly’s work is such fun to photograph.


  2. neon gas glows red and argon gas glows pale blue …all other colors are created by using coated tubing…if you look at your photograph, you can see pale blue tubing showing near all the electrodes where they were welded to the yellow tubing…that would be argon gas in a coated yellow tube.


  3. I KNEW somebody could clear that up, and actually, I thought it might be you, Jim….Thanks!


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