I know, these are NOT Black-eyed peas…

     I’m not much for New Year’s resolutions. The ones that I WOULD have made , had I been so inclined, I’ve probably already broken, so why set myself up for failure…Right?

     One of the New Year’s traditions that I ‘partook of’ and then checked into (the ever present “Why?”) is the consumption of Black-Eyed Peas… for ‘Luck’.

     I always assumed that this custom was an exclusively Southern habit ‘propagated’ by someone who discovered a left-over Mason jar of peas hiding in the back of the larder that they wanted to ‘get shed of’ so they proclaimed, “Hey, you have to eat these so you’ll have good luck!”

     But, upon further review, it seems that this practice has been around since the Babylonians.(…found dried peas in THEIR pantries…) The ritual of pea-ing (for urine-formation) (I am SO sorry….! I just couldn’t resist) was recorded in the Talmud in 500 BC…

     That’s -500CE for all the ‘new’ timers ,

     along with the mastication ( I’m telling you…the thesaurus should be required in public schools!) of ‘fortune bestowing’ beets and spinach….

     The dirt tasting stuff.

Let it be known…

     I LOVE the dirt tasting stuff!!!


Before I go any further…


     The calendar says I’m a week late in that wish, but to some of us,

Today, is the start of the new year!…

Or is it tomorrow…? IDK…

     I’ve always thought that the cognizance of time is what makes us grow older. If you didn’t have a calendar (or a mirror), would you be any different than you were 20 years ago?….well, hopefully smarter, though less pliant…

(And… If you’re only 21, then yeah, you might have seen some significant changes in the past 20 years….!)

Anyway…, back on subject…

     Black-Eyed Peas came to America, with slave trade, from Africa in the 1700s and were probably then cultivated and cherished by the Jewish immigrants who  settled in Georgia. During the Civil War, they were spared from the Union torches for one of/or two reasons…because they were considered fodder for livestock, or perhaps it was known that they were a staple of the slave farm hands’ diet.

     Then…. George Washington Carver came along (what an incredible story his life is) and found that the peas were not only full of nutrients, but were also one of the most efficient crops for putting nitrogen back into the soil.

You remember…Lion King…The Circle of Life…!!??!!

     So, even though they did not originate in the American South, they have become a major element of ‘soul food’…and rightfully so!

     One account says that you should eat one pea for every day of the New Year. I didn’t count mine, but if/when I have a couple of bad days, I’ll know I should have had an extra helping….!  

     And…everyone in the world is now ‘off the hook’ because I won’t blame YOU for my problems…Now I can say, “Bless Your  Heart…I should have had another pea…or two…!”

     That’s a load off of all of us….

     The asparagus above is from the first ‘shoot’ that 2011 brought me. In a couple of weeks, I will be back on the race track in Daytona…a short time after that, I’ll probably be crossing the ‘ice bridge’ to Mackinac Island…after and between…?  I don’t know…I’m going to roll with it…

I’m open to suggestions!

And embracing every minute…every opportunity.

     I spent a good part of 2010 in ‘continuing’ education,…photographically, philosophically, physically…you name it…

And….They’re wrong!….

     You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

…just not new yoga tricks…

     I hope you ate your Black-Eyed Peas….I mean, they’re small. If you don’t like the taste, you could just swallow them whole…

I had mine,

and then, for good measure,

      I had my daughter pull up Fergie and ‘will I. am’, etc, on her Ipod so that I could listen to some Black-Eyed Peas as well…

Surely I’m covered….!!!!

Only time will tell…(dot dot dot, for all you/us “Slingblade” fans…)


Thomas Jefferson said,

“I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.”


~ by rkpowers on January 12, 2011.

One Response to “I know, these are NOT Black-eyed peas…”

  1. Where’s Fergie?


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