There’s Snow Business Like….


You said, “I know where we are! I don’t need a map…!!!”

“I TOLD you we needed to go a bit further, Didn’t I say ‘Follow the Geese! ?

but nooooo…You had it all under control!

Well, if I didn’t have this down vest, you would be in BIG trouble Mister!….”

Another snow in Nashville….

I know,   Big Deal!

It snows like this in Minnesota in 2 minutes…

3 inches?

That’s ‘chicken feed’…

Well, they may not say that up North.

But this is the South…

Land of sweltering, breath-stifling heat…(countered by this toe-numbing, grass-shattering frigidity)

I mean, this is called “The hot, sticky South”

     The land of buttery grits and sweet tea, and slow syrupy talks on a front porch swing.

     And mosquitos….though there are other places that can probably boast more Condor-like mosquitos, just as they can relate to more significant and debilitating amounts of snow.

     This is the kind of Winter that we had when I was a kid. We were out of school for almost the entire month of January one year.

     A couple of nights ago, I finally got to hear one ‘scientist’ blame the ‘unusual harshness’ of this Winter on Global Warming….

    I’m sorry. I REALLY have a hard time with that. So what was causing it when I was a kid?   Pre-Global Warming cooling?

I couldn’t find that definitive snow scene to shoot…

You know, like in the Himalayas, or Yosemite, or the Adirondacks,

     So like some kind of idiot…uh… photographer, I tried to make something up. I put on my new convertible gloves/mittens, got a tripod and went out at 10 pm to experiment with some nighttime snow shots.

     It was at least interesting…and cold…but when I actually paid attention to the yellow sign down the road and realized it said “Dead End”, I took that as a portent that my fingers were going to fall off or something if I didn’t get back inside.

     They say that no two snow flakes are alike, but I would swear that one landed on my nose that was the exact copy of one that I saw in 1974…

Does it really matter if the pattern is repeated occasionally. I don’t think so!

     Now this is the guy I was waiting for, but he just never would land exactly where I wanted him.

     I even had a ‘bird-wrangler’ at one point trying to help me. One of our Mockingbirds kept driving the Cardinal out of the trees and back down to the snow.

It almost worked…


~ by rkpowers on February 12, 2011.

4 Responses to “There’s Snow Business Like….”

  1. “Pre-Global Warming Cooling”. Quite an oxymoron!!


  2. I didn’t call you a “moron”….I called you an “Ox—y” 🙂


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