The Morning Commute, or…..Caught!

(I had started another post on personal responsibility but I’m afraid it has turned into a bit of a ‘sermon-ette’, so it’s not quite ready to post…..if it ever will be….. So I reached into my bag of ‘unfinished’ archives and grabbed this.)
     Time to get back on track… I’ve been side-lined by snow and work and… all the usual self-imposed ‘procrastination-al’ resistance methods for not sitting down at this post…
     The track I’ll get back to for a moment is in Daytona, FL.  I was there at the end of January to cover the Curb Racing entry in the Rolex 24 hour race.  My ‘assignment’ was to cover the Curb car, drivers, team, etc….that ‘branding’ thing…
     So what does one do with the remaining 22 or so hours?  I mean, I’m not one for shooting 4329 images when 432 will get it.  Sure, there’s sometimes a juicy acorn that the blind hog digs up, but the ‘blind hog’ photographer has SO much more editing to do… and through experience, I have found that if I don’t think it’s unique, worthy, or in focus ‘in camera’, it’s usually not worth keeping. (Though I’ll admit, sometimes that 4329th one is THE shot!)


     I decided to concentrate, as much as possible, and without getting run out of the pits, on the faces of the drivers and crew as their experience traveled around the clock, around the track.

     Imagine, if you will, the 20 to 30 minute morning commute that is so dreaded by so many…

     Now stretch that into a 2 to 3 HOUR commute, at 143 miles per hour…bumper to bumper, followed by 4 hours of wind-down/psyche-up while your team members take the wheel, then hop in and do it again…

     And again…

     And again…

     And again…

Believe me…there is no texting while making THIS drive…..oh, and the A/C is ‘broken’ also.  Not so bad during the dark hours of the race, but well over 100 degrees during the daylight.

     I have included some of my ‘behind-the-scenes’ photos on the rkpowersphoto page at facebook, if you care to see more, and here I have included a couple of instances where I was ‘caught’ being a photographer.


     I always feel a little “oops” when this happens, almost as if I’ve been caught peeking in a window, but it probably affects me more than it does  the subject. I think they have larger ‘fish to fry’ than to worry about someone taking their picture.

     Generally, a longer lens will remedy this situation, but often when I see something, I would rather move closer than take the time to switch lenses.

     I have often heard discussion about whether race drivers should be considered athletes.  I guess if it means working hard, sweating, cursing the losses, celebrating the victories, feeling as if you have been physically beaten and leaving everything you’ve got on the ‘field of endeavor’, then Yes, they are athletes…very much so!

     I, on the other hand, am NOT an athlete, but I know when it’s time to slip off to my car for a few minutes to recharge…

~ by rkpowers on March 26, 2011.

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