Bryan’s Eyes

I have found myself getting a bit lax in my blog post output. It isn’t that I haven’t been writing, it’s that some of the topics that have been spilling out…


I can’t find adequate photo illustrations in my archives….and I am not going to start borrowing other’s pictures…unless I absolutely …

no…I won’t.

I mean, this is supposed to be a photographer’s blog!

For cryin’ out loud…if I can’t find something in my stock… or go out and ‘shoot something and drag it home’…(or, drag it into PhotoShop), then, I guess I’ll let another week go by without posting…

Having said that….


I have mentioned several times….ad nauseum, you might say….

That I have attended more auto races in the past two years than in the rest of my life. It has been fun, hard work, exciting, loud, exhausting, intimidating at times, hot, frustrating …

(And, there have arisen several, to me, questions concerning the ‘rules’…..

Such as,

“Why, on a miserably hot day, on miserably hot concrete/asphalt/bricks, can I not wear shorts in the pit area…(for safety reasons…?), yet a woman can wear a short skirt…???

I know, I know….but there has got to be a better reason than THAT!)


And I wouldn’t trade these experiences for anything!

Ok…Peace on Earth…Economic stability…etc….I would trade for, but since those aren’t presently on the table….


I have especially enjoyed meeting and becoming acquainted with the drivers, crews, promoters, owners…several Governors…Presidential ‘hopefuls’…

Just about everyone I’ve met on these assignments

(except for, sad to say, some of the photographers that I have come across… Hey, guys….I’m NOT trying to get your job!!!!)

have been what I have heard described here in the South as,

“Real People”


I don’t expect that I will make a career out of race photography.

There are plenty of guys who do that, and some who do it extremely well. Although…I’ll keep going as long as I’m asked!

I have learned some things along the way about getting the ‘typical’ race shots….the conventional…expected shots, if you will, but I can’t help but constantly look for the anomalous angle, the hidden emotion…the inside story or graphic.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it hits the cutting room floor.

(There are some images on my rkpowersphoto Facebook page from the Rolex 24 that show some of this ‘inside’ stuff)


The picture that leads this post is of Bryan Clauson. Bryan is a great driver…2010 USAC champion… and for all I have seen, a nice, laid-back, respectful young man.


Behind the wheel…

Well, let’s say I was really pleased with this image!

It shows an intensity that an hour before was not obvious as he was tossing a football with a 9-year-old ‘buddy’… or as he and his girlfriend were chatting….as he and his dad were discussing the car and the track…the weather…the strategy…

Game Face!

I sometimes wonder what MY game face is to the people I’m photographing…?

For that matter….

What’s the ‘game face’ my family sees…my friends…?

I know…Wanna see my ‘game face’?


Check out the ‘portrait’ that Eric Adkins did …it’s on Facebook,the avatar  under Randy Powers, or on my web-site, in the Bio section….


You must be brave….!!!


Oh…about those things that I have written that haven’t made it here…

If you would like to read “9/11 Didn’t Do That” or “The Road to Damascus”,

let me know and I’ll send them your way…

Or maybe I will eventually find the right image and they will appear here, after all.


You must be brave….or crazy…!




~ by rkpowers on September 22, 2011.

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  1. Nice !


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