…Real Quick Like….

(This is going to be really short…I think…

While my experiences during the last couple of weeks have been anything but…

     I wrote these next two paragraphs last Friday before I left town, but never got the chance to post… everything in parentheses was added…well… just now…)

…  a quick post to clear the blog-webs, before I head off for Vegas and the last Indy car race of the season. (If you are a race fan, or a sports fan, or you have a TV or a computer connected to the internet, you probably know what happened there.  I’ll give you my ‘take’ as soon as I can get my thoughts in order.)

 Last weekend I was in Kansas City for a Nascar Sprint Cup race….

     Again covering the #98 Curb/Agajanian (Reagan Centennial) car, driven by Austin Dillon. (The #98 has an impressive history)

     Two Curb artists also performed outside the track on Saturday following the Nationwide race. (Rachel Holder and Tim Dugger….BOTH, if you are a fan of country music, worth checking into…though I think Rachel probably will not have an album… cd… downloads available until next year)

     As Tim Dugger and his band were on stage, the sky behind the stage started its nightly drama of  cinematic  transformation.  (I think the best sunset view is anywhere that the sun is going down…and I have enough experience with Wagner, Bach, Vivaldi and/or Beethoven to provide an adequate sound mind-track for the occasion…)

    I wanted to include it ( the gloaming) in my shots, but to expose for the performers would cause the sky to ‘blow out’, so I experimented with silhouettes.

     It didn’t hurt that the musicians had on cowboy hats to add to the graphic considerations…

     My favorite……so far….

      With the various ladders and towers, this would have made a good ‘swashbuckler on the open sea’ picture had he been holding a cutlass instead of a bass guitar…  (That would be Wagner, right…?  Certainly not Vivaldi…!)

     Actually, a good soundtrack for this would be Jimmy Webb’s “The Highwayman”


~ by rkpowers on October 20, 2011.

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