Looking Back Forward…Part 1

     This is Part 1 of Four posts dealing with an ‘assignment’ put forth by the Craft and Vision Community.  The premise was to look back and study some older work to see what might be done differently and also to look for personal photographic trends…a niche…

     I started my homework by revisiting images from a book project (Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville, TN) that encompassed, not only many varied subjects, but also marked the point when I came kicking and screaming into the digital world.

     None of the images in these 4 posts  were used in the book, and almost all were shot on 35mm transparency film (probably EPP) with a Nikon F3.

This first post will be “Construction”…followed by…well, whatever follows…

This was a fascinating experience, to see a large hole in the middle of Nashville become an absolutely beautiful, state-of-the-art facility.  I believe it also filled a cultural ‘hole’ in Nashville.


     I was allowed total access and once the workers realized that I wasn’t from OSHA…there to make their lives difficult… I found complete cooperation…as long as I knew my place and didn’t interfere…well, too much…with the work that they were doing

     I think the workers also appreciated the fact that I would be right there with them, climbing to the roof in the bitter cold of a February sunrise, or in the sweltering heat of a July drought.

     I noticed many things that I would do differently now. I might possibly be a little more apt to impose and ask someone to stand at a certain place, or re-create an activity…

     I’m fairly certain that I would be/am more skilled in my ‘captures’, and I can guarantee that I, if ever in this type of environment again, will at certain times….

Not look down!!!

Although, looking down does sometimes offer the best perspective…

Did I find a trend….my ‘niche’ …by going through these images?

….’fraid not.  Maybe somebody out there can see it for me….?

And finally, for this post…

I have no idea why, but this image is one of my favorites…


More to come….

~ by rkpowers on January 16, 2012.

2 Responses to “Looking Back Forward…Part 1”

  1. I love how you used your F3 !! Which lens(es) did you use by the way?


    • Thanks for stopping by. You may have ‘stumped the band’!
      Not being much of a techie, I rarely pay much attention to the actual equipment and just use what I know will work… and what I have available. (I’m getting better about it now, and having EXIF data helps too)
      Having said that, at the time of this shoot, I had a 75-150, which was my favorite, a 50mm 1.8, and I think a 28mm. I would also pull out a 300mm 2.8 cannon (as in CANNON, not Canon….) occasionally.
      Sorry I can’t be more specific…I’m guessing that the majority of these were with the 75-150


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