Looking Back Forward…Part 2

The Steeplejacks…

     These brothers were a pretty amazing pair to watch at work.  Many times I would find myself having to remember to raise the camera to my eye…past my gaping mouth…to capture the ease of their movement as they performed a ‘dance’ on an eighteen-inch wide beam, high above the concrete ‘safety net’ below. 

I mentioned in the last post about “Not looking down”…

This would be one of those situations…

     To see them at either end of a massive roof girder, guiding the crane operator to place it in the exact location over the previously placed bolts, and then watch them both travel to the peak to receive the strut that connected the girders together, was…well…

I realized that it was something that I would never do…!!!

I never asked them what they like to do after work….

I was afraid I didn’t want to know…

Probably curl up with a glass of milk and a good book, right?

     But, I did find that if you allow yourself to be accessible to people, often they will do the same and maybe even pose for a traditional type portrait like the one at the top, or they might even ‘go out on a limb’ and give you something a little more unconventional… if you ask…

I think part 3 will be “Scaffold and the Welders”….

No, not a ’60’s Irish folk band…


~ by rkpowers on January 17, 2012.

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