Looking Back Forward…Part 3

Scaffold and the Welders…

(If you are just now joining us, go back a couple of posts to see what I’m rambling about….)  🙂

     Navigating the scaffolding in a major construction project is like walking through some science fiction robot-spider’s web…just not as sticky….Hopefully!..

     Imagine a football field (or futbol pitch for those who are beyond the reach of the NFLcovered with metal Tinker Toys…seventy feet high.

     This particular day was when I became a believer in the necessity of wearing a hard-hat on a construction site.  These poles don’t ‘give’ very much and they can be VERY unforgiving…!!!

     The last thing I wanted to happen on this job was for work to be interrupted  by the need to transport the stupid photographer by stretcher…

Didn’t happen, I didn’t lose consciousness, but I still …

Would someone answer that phone…I’m a little busy here…!!!

As for the welders…

Again, there is something so very SciFi about them…

     I was told NOT to stare at the ‘arc’ for very long or my eyes would burn for the rest of the day…good advice…pass the Visine, please! 

     More next week on the installation of “The Pediment” . Read the myth of Orpheus while you wait…there may be a POP quiz…!!


~ by rkpowers on January 19, 2012.

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