Looking Back…South

     Okay…time to take a break from  that construction job…

It IS the weekend after all, so I think a little Central Mexico might be in order…

     Again, as part of the Craft and Vision Community project, I have been going through some older images. I have definitely seen some areas for improvement, but I still haven’t stumbled over that ‘niche’ yet. 

These are scanned 35mm slide images from Cancun and Playa del Carmen in Mexico.

     The distinct problem with going through past work is that there is quite a bit to look over…edit…re-invest time in..

     Some of it, I don’t even need to see again because I am all too aware of the photographic shortcomings…realized them a long time ago…Some images, sadly, as soon as I got the film back from the lab.

     This was so long ago that  I can’t even remember whether I noticed, at the time of shooting, that the point of view allows the wading pool to blend perfectly into the ocean, even to the point that there appears to be a boat floating in the pool.

     As I said, I honestly don’t know if I planned this…I think not…but I do remember seeing the film for the first time and being pleasantly surprised and immediately educated. 

     This one photo probably jumped me over a couple of notches on the learning curve…

Look at everything!

Line things up the way you want them to appear in a two-dimensional image.

What you see is what you get…and if you don’t ‘get’ what you see, look at it differently…

     Only one of these’ kids’ is still living in their parents’ home, and she is leaving next Fall to dance in Los Angeles.  Next to her is a cellist now in New York City: a musician in Nashville, TN: and a second year psychology major at the University of Tennessee.  Some of that I might have guessed way back then…some of it…not so much…

(BTW…the orange bathing suits were  strictly a coincidental plus…!)

(And….I certainly didn’t intend to have my lens shade mounted improperly.  That’s NOT an artistic vignette added in post-production!… That’s not paying attention)

      One afternoon I noticed a small crowd gathering on the beach just below our hotel so I wandered over…camera in hand…

another thing I have found to be true…

The moment that you don’t have a camera with you is the moment that you cannot ‘capture’.

     Turns out it was a beach wedding. 

     Now that I think of it,  this is the only wedding I have ever photographed…surreptitiously, of course…but my primary interest was in the band.

     I don’t know exactly what was transpiring here, but the body language and facial expressions tell me that SOMETHING was up….que pasa?

     We next drove to Playa del Carmen which is the ‘jumping off spot’ for Cozumel.

The expression on this woman’s face holds a lifetime of experiences…

And these ladies…

     I would have expected that they had been photographed thousands of times by tourists buying their dried papaya and mangoes, but somehow I managed to cause some embarrassment …

Not here, though…

THIS is how ALL law enforcement officers should be attired…

An AR15 (?) and a pork-pie hat!

And these cute little ‘critters’ were everywhere…

The iguanas were, too!!   😉

     Enjoy your weekend and I’ll see you back on the construction site early Monday morning!!!

p.s. I apologize for the ‘travelogue’ type writing in these last four or so posts.  At the present I am concentrating more on improving and understanding my photographic craft than on being a ‘wordsmith’.  A time and place for everything, I guess…I hope…


~ by rkpowers on January 21, 2012.

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