Looking Back…etc…Part 4

The Pediment…or, How Orpheus got turned into stone AND lost the girl…

     At this point, having been on this construction site for quite some time, I was garnered a little special treatment by having the foreman call me and say, “The pediment is going up today, you might want to get down here!”

     I say a ‘ little’ special treatment because he didn’t actually call until about half of it was already up.  I mostly concentrated on Eurydice..not because she was naked, but because that’s the segment that was being raised at the time.

     I wasn’t very savvy on the myth of Orpheus until the segments of the Schermerhorn Center pediment began arriving on the site, and I figured I might want to get to know a little bit about it..

     I mean, I had heard of music halls called “The Orpheum” and such, but never really knew the background.

If you don’t know, here is a good place to find out,


     As with all good myths, it’s a story of love and loss… gods and mortals…but this one is more about ‘The Arts’ than some others.

With a 3-headed dog thrown in…

     It just so happens that this story involves the greatest singer EVER… to put it into modern perspective, had Orpheus auditioned for “American Idol”, it would have been a one episode season….”Ok, this guy uproots trees and moves rocks…everybody else can go home!!!”

Orpheus falls in love with Eurydice….Loves the girl, loses the girl,

goes through Hades, gets the girl back, loses the girl again…

Sounds like a good theme for a country song, or better yet,

The Pediment for Nashville’s symphony hall….!!!!

(Especially since there were no trains or prisons involved….

well, you might could make a case for prisons… “stone walls do not a prison make..  Lovelace…stanza IV)

    Again, one of the great pleasures  I derive from working with, and around,  people who do things that I don’t do, is in getting to know them and asking questions about their work.

     I asked the artist/sculptor if Hades was modeled after anyone in particular.

     He just smiled and said that yes it was someone who played a major part in the entire Schermerhorn project….

     But he wouldn’t tell me who… of course, from that point on I kept a close eye on the physical AND personality traits of the people around me…

     This was another good spot for NOT looking down.  We raised and lowered my camera gear via rope and a bucket…I wish they had done that for me, but I think that would be kinda like hiking the Grand Canyon and halfway down calling for the donkeys….

And…the finished product again…

~ by rkpowers on January 23, 2012.

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