Looking Back Forward…Finishing touches

Oops…I said 4 posts, so just to keep my word, I will not call this Part 5…

     This, though, will be the last of it. What started to be a ve—ry long post, was concisely split up into 4….segments.

I think I read somewhere that you should try NOT to make any readers fall asleep while reading your blog posts…! 

     I spent a lot of time scanning these images and then working them through PhotoShop to make them look a way that I couldn’t do when they were originally shot on film and immediately turned over to the designer.  Actually, the only digital photography in these last 5 postings are a couple in this “Finishing touches”

Not digital photography, but certainly digital processing…    

      So, I suppose I have put my own ‘finishing touches’ to some images that had heretofore been relegated to the ‘out-takes’ pile.   

       That’s one of the things I love about digital photography. The photographer is able to turn in more of a ‘finished’ product….or ‘play’ with it until it either comes in line with the original intent, or…winds back up, or down, on the cutting-room floor…where it possibly should have stayed in the first place! 


     The designer says, “I like  this shot, but, to keep it more in line with the rest of the project could you send me a version that’s not quite so ‘jacked up’?”  With a digital file that’s a fairly easy remedy…and I can still keep my version…

     Of course, it takes a lot more effort on the photographer’s part than simply taking the film to a lab, sleeving it and turning it in…

But, I gladly give up  give the time and effort to get what I want in an image.

     This Symphony Center project was fairly long-running, and when Opening night finally arrived, it was almost a let-down….simply for the fact that I knew ‘my work here was over’….(though the book, designed by Robertson Design, turned out wonderfully…)

     …And then there was the dance that was held after the concert on opening night.  It was attended by the, I suppose, ‘social elite’ of Nashville….the donors and patrons…


 There was more money in shoe leather on that floor than my income that year…or the next…or…nvm…


 Another thing that I have done with the 35mm images in the preceding posts, was to experiment with processing…as if you couldn’t tell…

Here’s Apollo with a little ‘HDR-age’…

     Did I find my ‘niche’ while going through these images?  Uh, not so much that I can tell.  I still like to do it all….!!!

     So, with that in mind, I leave Friday for Daytona to cover the 2012 Rolex 24 race.  Quite a bit different than a construction site, but that’s the way, unh- hunh, unh hunh, I like it….

(p.s. This one WAS included in the book)


~ by rkpowers on January 25, 2012.

6 Responses to “Looking Back Forward…Finishing touches”

  1. you know I love that shadow shot…(the last one shown)


    • Thanks, Jim. I thought of you while doing these last posts because you had always said that you would like to see more of the construction photos than what was offered in the finished book


  2. Living away from Nashville, I have only read about and seen photos of the Schermerhorn Center. It is absolutely beautiful and I hope to get back there before long to see it ‘in person’. Really enjoyed your blog posts and especially the photos – a very interesting perspective. Good job! Would be interested in seeing the book — what’s the title?


    • Thanks, Pam. It is called “The Magnificent Ensemble” but I’m not sure where it is still available…well..I just Googled it and it seems there are some used copies on Amazon.
      It is truly a beautiful place…the Center, not Amazon. I have not been back since it flooded last May, but I think they got it all put back together.


      • Thanks, I’ll try to get a copy. And you’re right — Amazon’s ok, but wouldn’t call it ‘beautiful’. 😉


  3. Idk, Pam…Have you ever seen “the African Queen” with Bogart and Hep…oh…wait…thats a different Amazon…nvm


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