Rerun…from June 2010

     I was looking back (looking back seems to be running rampant so far this year…I promise I’ll turn around and look forward here in a bit….!)  through some of my older posts,  possibly not unlike the dog returning to his…well, nvm… and I came upon several that fit in with what is going on with me currently.     I would rather have provided a ‘Live’ post from Daytona, but knowing how that works, or how I work,  I decided to fill in with an old post that will probably be new to most who read it… (I have added a few ‘addendums’ which will be preceded by *)

( * Originally titled),

 “Oops, I did it again!”

There will NOT be a link to a Britney Spears song here!

I’m referring to the fact that I let a week go by without posting on this blog.

     …Doesn’t mean I haven’t written anything, I just haven’t lived up to my personal goal. Was my goal too lofty?…..I don’t think so. I believe I managed to let rationalization take the upper hand.

     You know all the things we let ‘get in the way’….my son’s high school graduation….an out of town trip to the ‘orientation’ where his new life will unfold for four years…car repairs…roof leaks…I NEED to send out some e-mails….better sit down and pay those bills…oh, yeah, tax return extension…I NEED to edit and retouch some pictures so I can solicit new work….we need a few things at the grocery store…do I really have anything to say?…on and seemingly on…! 

( * It never has ceased to amaze me how overworked the word ‘need’ is…It takes the place of   ‘want’,… ‘desire’,… ‘I wish I could have…’,  ‘It would be better if… as in, “I NEED to go…or stay…etc.   Are these really needs? IDTS.

  I think I just made that up…an acronym for ‘I Don’t Think So’…? but it looks surprisingly similar to IDioTS…

talkin’ ’bout me, so don’t take it personally…!)

     I did, in the meantime, go out and buy another copy of Steven Pressfield’s book, the WAR of ART

And, I allowed Mr. Pressfield to kick my butt, since I couldn’t reach it with my own foot.

(BTW, did I loan my other copy to one of you?) ( * Copy of the book..Not my foot…)

     I had started a rather involved post on the creative process involving art, photography, and cooking. ( I just now went to his web-site and there, big as life was an article HE had written called “The Creative Process”…I guess I’ll have to change the title of my next post).

     The further I get, the more the resistance fights against my self-imposed deadline. To paraphrase Pressfield, that means I must be doing something I should do, because the excuses NOT to do it are piling on.

     I am not a professional writer, in more ways than one. I’m not paid for my writing, but an even more important fact is that I don’t sit down and make myself do it every day. I am guilty of often waiting for inspiration to strike, instead of giving inspiration a vehicle to guide.

From the WAR of ART,

“The professional dedicates himself to mastering technique not because he believes technique is a substitute for inspiration but because he wants to be in possession of the full arsenal of skills when inspiration does come.”

     Okay,….that means, “Randy, sit down at the keyboard and write something, hone the craft, accept the failures, embrace the successes, but don’t let either one of them go to your head!” ( *or get out the camera and take pictures…it’s not like there aren’t a million subjects out there!)

     Every word written, every picture taken, every note played on the guitar, every sunset, every sunrise, every raindrop, every whisper of the wind through the trees, every embrace, every stubbed toe are experiences that can be tied to, and help to create the greater experience.

Am I capable of making the connection?

     Am I capable of deriving strength from failure, compassion from victory, Love from adversity, creation from ennui…?

I think so.

     I would say, ” You be the judge, reader”…but I know that puts us both in an untrue and unjust position. ( * and really has no bearing on either of us or on creativity)

There…..I’ve written a page. Someone may read it…maybe not.

     The important thing, to me, at this moment, is that I have now done my own small bit of butt-kicking!

Take that, Resistance!

     And don’t try to tell me that this is absolutely a useless waste of words….It’s done!

     You, Resistance, don’t get to be a critic!  (* You will have to wait until the next time that I try to do something meaningful,or even meaning-less….anything with meaning in it!.. and then you can start again) All you can do is keep me FROM creating, and I will wrestle you until the day that I die to prove that I will not be overcome….you may ‘pin’ me occasionally, but, as in wrestling,

Turnabout is fair play!

    The opening picture has nothing to do with this subject…wait, wait…maybe I’m being too hasty…

     Samuel Taylor Coleridge was interrupted by a knock on his door while writing Kubla Khan…he lost his train of thought (or the opium starting wearing off…whatever!) And it remained unfinished. ( * for anyone who is interested in this kind of stuff, this picture was done on 4×5 film and was used to illustrate an article on Coleridge)

Resistance can ( * and WILL)  take on many forms!

We all experience it in one form or another, don’t we?

( * I turned on the TV in my hotel room  1/27/12,  to this…

“I don’t want to be in a battle, but waiting on the edge is worse…”

Perigrin “Pippin” Took

You tell ME where that quote came from and how true it is in life…!!!)

~ by rkpowers on January 28, 2012.

4 Responses to “Rerun…from June 2010”

  1. I really thought I returned that book when you lent it to me around 2008…


  2. Great post!


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