With a Crease…


First, and foremost, I want to take this opportunity to thank those of you who have been following this blog for a couple of years.  I appreciate knowing that you are there,

whether you actually read it, or comment, or simply say to yourself,

“Oh…look…there’s another post… Now who is this guy?”

I guess you might be compared to the bartender who listens, or pretends to, while wiping the fingerprints off the glasses….

So, since we’re here, could you mix me up a…

Oh, wait…that was just a metaphor…


This post is addressed, primarily, to the new ‘subscribers’ who are here due in large part…


due entirely to the “Freshly Pressed” feature on WordPress.com.


You found your way here via a post that was about  auto racing…

Or, more so, my views of certain aspects of auto racing.

In a very real way…an outsider looking in…


I don’t know why WordPress picked that particular post or how “Freshly Pressed” works in the first place…

Random drawing…?

Anyway, this is NOT a racing blog.

It is primarily, or started as, a photography blog…

Something to supplement my photography web-site


Which is also viewable by clicking on the logo above.

I hoped that there might be a story or two of interest about some of the photos that I have taken, or a story or two from my life or the lives of people whom I have come in contact with, so…



The thing is,

after my first couple of posts, I remembered just how much I enjoyed writing and a latent love was re-kindled.

There will occasionally be a post or two about my experiences at a race track, but only because that will be where my photographic journeys have docked for that particular moment.

(Actually, there will most likely be something ‘racy’ at the beginning of March as I am to cover the Daytona 500 at the end of this month.  And in May, I plan to publish an already written tribute to Dan Wheldon, the winner, in a Curb owned car, of last year’s Indy 500,

 who then tragically lost his life in October.


Other than that…

Most posts will pertain to photos that I have done and the inside happenings of the assignments, whether commercial or self-imposed.

And occasionally I ramble on about something that is on my mind that I just happen to have a photo in the archives with which to illustrate the point.

(Granted, sometimes it might be a real stretch of the imagination…) 

If it’s really heavy on my mind, I will create an image to go with it.


All of the photos on my blog were taken and are copyrighted by me, unless otherwise noted.

So any critique or criticism will be towards me, alone.

It will not be a ‘photo-technical’ blog.

     I sometimes offer a look into the process, but if anyone ever has a question about that aspect, 

feel free to ask via the comments or an e-mail, and I will be more than happy to expound,  with the disclaimer that I am certainly no expert, and occasionally I don’t even remember the steps to the process….

although any requests for me to ‘get a day job’ will be ignored…

Well, sort of…


I have made a vow, at least to myself,

to steer clear of the debris of political opinion.

(“…Steer clear of the debris..”?

Maybe this racing stuff IS getting in my system…!)


I find that political opinion in America, and I would suppose it to be Universal,

is one of the most polarizing of themes.

The hard, icy reasoning of facts is too often melted by the withering heat of emotion, leaving only a puddle that would best be used for reflection, but more often merely offers dangerous, slippery footing.


I would love to be so bold as to suggest that you each go back through the nearly 100 previous posts and read them all…but I won’t do that.

Instead, for the next few posts I will close with a link to a previous offering that I think might be of interest, and then

You have the privilege to click…

Or to ignore.

A sort of “Best of”, if you will…

Or, maybe more appropriately, a

“Rogue’s Gallery”



Again, thank you all, new and old,  for ‘subscribing’!

I will try my best to keep you coming back.


For the photography segment of this supposedly photo-blog…

The lead-in photo was taken with a 4×5 camera, on Ektachrome film to illustrate an article on…

I don’t remember…


Wooden you like to know…..???


First link to the past.

A story about building a tree house with my Grandfather…


Thanks again!!!.


~ by rkpowers on February 10, 2012.

6 Responses to “With a Crease…”

  1. I really enjoy your blog! The one about you and your grandfather is particularly well-written. Thanks for sharing your talent for photography and writing!


  2. Love the Blogs Randy….keep ’em coming!


  3. Mr Powers- your blogs are relevant and offer glimpses into another spiritual perpective. Thanks. Life is grand – your pix and comments exemplify that.


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