Blues Solos


The title might be misleading to some.

This is not about music.

Well, wait a second….

If you’ll click this link, you can listen in the background while you read,

Click it, minimize it and welcome back.

Come on…

Play along….


And then I won’t feel guilty for the contrivance of the title…


What this IS about is what someone like me…someone very much like me…

Someone who doesn’t play video games, and has come to grips with the fact that football season is over..

would do on a rainy, snowy Sunday afternoon when the chores are done…

(well,  mostly….)

And during said chores he should happen across a two year old blue graduation gown,

wadded up in the garage.

“All that I have…”

I was able to find a few ‘solo’ articles around the house that worked with blue, so…

Here we go.

Oh…I guess I had better keep writing…that’s a five minute song you’ve got playing in the background…

     How did the term “The Blues”  become the name for that crying, losing, heartbreaking, losing your mind, “I give you all my love”, too broke to pay attention, kind of music which most likely loosely originated in Africa and was brought to America by slaves?  Who else would have had a better reason to have “The Blues”?

     Musically, the genre is dominated by the lowered third and dominant seventh notes (The BLUE notes…taa dah!!!) in a 12 bar format.  That dominant seventh HAS to resolve, maybe that was the underpinning of resolving those personal problems that ‘dominate’ the Blues….??!!

     Actually, I should have remembered this.  I wrote a research paper on The Blues back when I was in high school, which,

very conveniently leads me to be able to link to a past post….funny how that works…

“Photographic Memories 2”    From March of 2010.

AND, it’s very short

(Go ahead…you’ll be back before Joe’s solo….)

By the way…that’s Joe Bonamassa playing and singing live at the Royal Albert Hall. A brother-in-law had the DVD playing a couple of years ago after Thanksgiving dinner…I was enthralled in a way that I haven’t been in many years.

“I’ll leave it up to you…”,  but….

You better stop,

 and just listen for a minute…..  🙂    

 “…Then you’ll know how I feel…”

Now, go back to the video and watch Joe play HIS Blues Solo….


~ by rkpowers on February 19, 2012.

4 Responses to “Blues Solos”

  1. Wow, the blue background is electric. Really great feel to the photos.


  2. Lovely images, thanks MJ


  3. Thanks, mj


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