Sunny Beaches

‘Spring Break’ on Pensacola Beach.

     The first thing I did was wander down to the shore and bury my cell phone. When I came back to get it 5 days later, I found a crab playing with it. I guess he took this picture…along with a couple of thirty minute calls to Shanghai…

     What could a crab possibly have to talk about for thirty minutes?


     As I strolled along the edge of land where the cool surf met the sand and air in a foamy wash that soothed my unshod feet, I turned to see ‘from whence I had come’.

As I gazed backwards, the pathway was a blank canvas.

     Where I had been was no longer evidentially in existence.

I turned to where I was heading and again perceived a clean slate.

     There was no affirmation that I had been, or was going anywhere but where my feet had marked the very spot where they are….now.

No past

No future

Only Now

I breathed deeply,

in and out,

with the rhythm of the waves as they broke upon the shore, becoming one, rhythmically, with the largest physical entity to occupy our world.

The Water.

The water that is as new as the moment yet as old as time.

Here, Now,

with the breath of the ocean exhaling,

piling the sands of time around my feet,

while inhaling the foundation from under them.

Better move on…

For the timeless ocean has no need to mark my short and menial life.

The static it either covers with sand or takes away .

     As I walked where countless humans had before me trod,

though leaving no trace of their journey,

each step

as recorded briefly in the sand,  rapidly wiped away as


As if to say,

“I have seen your kind come and go…and come and go…

     But for all their individual importance, I show all that remains of their trials and tribulations, their journeys and their joys. I have wiped the traces clean. 

     I, on occasion, play wildly with the wind…sending ships gliding across my breast…or rolling maniacally, breaking any who defy or deny my power…

     And at other times, I will gingerly shatter the moonlight into delicate slivers, to bedazzle the eye of man whose baubles try in vain  to imitate my splendor.

All that remains.

Okay…I lied…!!!

I didn’t really bury my phone and a crab didn’t really take that first picture…though all of these pictures were taken with a cell phone.

Except this last one…

Night-time on the beach.

But I still don’t know who called Shanghai….!!

Blast from the past….

BTW…Wordpress informs me that this will be my 100th post. Don’t know what that’s worth, but “Wooo-hooo!”.   If you’ve stuck with me through all 100, you definitely deserve something. Can’t decide what that might be, but…I’m working on it!

THANKS, at the very least!!!


~ by rkpowers on April 17, 2012.

4 Responses to “Sunny Beaches”

  1. Great post, and congrats on 100!! yoohoo from me, MJ


  2. nice “work”…tough enviroment to have to work in…philosophy is better than politics any day…I think we should all vacation more and “think” less…


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