Taken for…Granite…!

Outside an airport…somewhere…maybe Orlando…

     I stepped outside while waiting to wait in the security line before I could wait in the waiting room for the plane which would then wait for clearance to take off… and I caught, out of the corner of my eye, this gentleman sitting on a bench, apparently also waiting,  texting or reading the stock prices or whatever one might do on their smart/ Iphone.

     When I first noticed him, a pigeon was standing there next to him on the bench. (You can sorta see it, just below the circle in the far bench arm.  Phones still aren’t the optimal tool sometimes, but if it’s the tool you have…)

     At first I thought it was a stuffed animal souvenir that he had picked up for someone back home. And then a white pigeon also landed next to him. All of my gear was packed away, except for MY  phone.

(Actually, another pigeon landed on his knee, but realized its mistake, and left the scene before I remembered that my phone had a camera…)

     I don’t know how long he had been in this exact position but evidently the pigeons took him for a statue.

     So, amateur philosopher that I am, my ever….uh…wondering, wandering  mind immediately jumped to the prevalent…endemic existence of the stagnant posture of the status quo.

     We have become a culture of immediacy which has contradictorily separated many of us from the NOW.

     Granted, for all I know, this guy was remotely instructing a heart surgeon…or ‘penning’/proofreading the next great novel…or changing the world in some positive manner.

     I mean, Michelangelo’s David changed the world of Art, and pigeons are still the only creatures who dare, or have a desire to, sit on David’s shoulder….!

     But, again, in my wandering mind, my obtuse emotional reaction was, first, the amusement of the scenario, which gave way to the commonality of the situation.

     We…I…sit still…accept the norm…the status quo…and take many things for granted…or as in this case, for granite…

     We give up and give in WAY too easily rather than rock the boat, or sometimes, rather than enjoy the peaceful stillness of the water.

     What happened to sitting on a bench, taking a deep breath, and simply musing and imagining what was going on in the world? …NOT having to keep in touch with things, situations, or people as a validation of our existence…or not caring, for a moment what is going on outside of our immediate realm?


Isolationist?…I don’t think so.

Self-absorbed?..not necessarily that, either. 

More like…Centered…Non Self…Non ego…here in the present.

There was a time when we just ‘were’ (past tense of BE…AM..from the I AM).

Back in ‘the good old days’…when we ‘thought like a child’.

     It’s easy to fall into the complacent role of ‘statue’.  “I was created, now I’ll sit still and let the world move around me.  I don’t have to do anything else!”

     It’s also easy to be the ‘pigeon’.  “I’ll take the crumbs that are thrown my way and rest on someone else’s creation.”  The pigeon mentality may very well be what inspired the creation of “Reality” TV.

     But, is the easy way anything other than that?  The easy way. 

     When we allow Life’s video game control to be wrested from our clutch, we often find that the game goes on and we are now open to wonderful surprises.

     I ‘snapped’ a couple of frames…(are they frames on a phone?), thought that I had deleted them and filed them away  in that under-used but over-stuffed back pocket we call the mind.  But, I found the image and this is what it ‘conjured up’ for me.

     Perhaps I have read too much into this simple airport setting and overstated its importance.

     Maybe he was simply playing ‘Angry Birds’ and the pigeons were giving him pointers…!!!


~ by rkpowers on June 15, 2012.

2 Responses to “Taken for…Granite…!”

  1. I chuckled on your closing line. Very amusing!


  2. Well, Steve…I can’t be serious ALL the time!
    I just appreciate you making it to the last line… 🙂


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