Sprint Cup, Bristol Motor Speedway….You’re Right….More Racing…

Last weekend at Bristol Motor Speedway.

As I mentioned in my last post, there were fireworks before, after, and during the race.

And again, I am posting pictures that had visual appeal to me, not just ‘This is Dale Jr’s car and this is”..etc.

One of the first things that interested me was this architectural pattern…I think I have previously mentioned my fascination with ‘stairs’…

Another visually appealing sight was when I noticed one of the ‘flagmen’ who are placed around the track to inform drivers of red, yellow, and green flag situations. (For the ‘non-fan’, these colors signify when to slow down, trouble ahead, and when it’s safe to punch it again)  There’s a certain little individual ‘flag-dance’ that each of them have.  I don’t know if there is a significance to this pattern or if it’s up to the waver.  Maybe somebody can tell me that.  Obviously this sequence would make more sense in video form, but I went for colors and visual tension.

These were at the CampingWorld truck race on Wednesday.

At some point, on Saturday, before the Sprint Cup race,  I was offered a pass to go ‘up top’ where the spotters are.  Given the lay-out of this particular track, I was excited to go there, as I wanted to experience the track in one view, something that is rare at some of the Big speedways.  For instance, at Indianapolis, a car goes by and then you can take a little break and wait for it to come again.  At Bristol, it’s more like, “Ok, there goes the #98, and…oh, there goes the #98 and,… oh, here comes the #98…

Most of the photos had to wait until I was away from the track for me to have time to review them.

Anyway, up on the roof….

While on the roof, I ran into an old friend from the ‘music’ days, Rocky Ryan, who is now the spotter for Joey Logano.  During the race, at least green flag times, I knew better than to try to engage in conversation.  Rocky’s job is a little more important than to be distracted by old-time reminiscing when his driver is expecting to hear what’s going on ahead and coming up from behind.  Stuff like, “Go down low on turn two, there’s a hole….”, or, “Little old lady with a shopping cart crossing on turn four…goose it!…extra points!”  (Well, I made that last one up!…Imagine that!)

Nice view from ‘the office’, though…

Oh yeah, this next photo occurred  during a ‘modified’ race prior to the truck race.  If this had been the last lap and the finish line, would a tire qualify you for the win, or does your whole car have to cross the line….?? I can picture a driver running after a tire around the track for his victory lap…and on the podium…accepting the trophy while spraying champagne on his one tire….

BTW, for the photo/techno part of this post….

I rented a Nikon D700 because I have not been pleased with the results at night races from the lower ISO capabilities of my D200.  Low light, fast action requires a little more ‘umph’.  I loved it!  Of course, as in all experiments with new, better equipment, one then has to fight the urge to lay down the bucks that are not necessarily available at the time…..sigh….!

I think I need to find some puppies, or kittens to shoot … photograph…or better yet, food…something that moves a bit more slowly….


~ by rkpowers on August 31, 2012.

4 Responses to “Sprint Cup, Bristol Motor Speedway….You’re Right….More Racing…”

  1. nice to see pictures “from Home” I was wondering about these very sharp images, after our talk…until you spilled about the D700…good work as usual.


  2. Wow I’m impressed with this post capturing the spirit of the races in such detail… beautiful…


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