Photo Safari…or, Meet Me In ‘Saint Louie’…

This almost became extremely long-winded so I edited considerably.  The basic premise is about a little side trip that Eric Adkins and I took following a photo shoot in St Louis, MO.

There’s a story at the end that contains a serendipitous confirmation of a work philosophy that seems to have faded in this day and age.

As I stood below the St Louis Arch, I couldn’t help but think that there was probably not a single angle of view that hadn’t already been photographed by someone with every conceivable camera, lens and viewpoint, but as Eric stated…
“Not on this particular day with these particular clouds!”

As a little background, on Wednesday, Eric was photographing a Cartier/King Jewelers event in Nashville.  He asked me to come along and churn out prints for the attendees to take home with them.  We were going to load up after the event and drive to St Louis for a photo shoot the next morning.

5 hours up, arriving at 4:30 a.m., sleep till 7:00, shoot till 10:00, drive back home for 5 hours…
In the middle of this, we decided to visit the Arch for a couple of hours of personal ‘photo fun’.

The night before, when we told people that we were leaving for this whirlwind trip, I heard several queries as to
“…Why would you do that?”
I heard Eric and myself give the same answer.
“Because that is where the work is that someone is willing to pay us to do.”

Now, the philosophical point.
On the riverfront in St Louis, I happened upon an historical marker commemorating the Mesker Brothers, a metal working company in the late 1800’s who were responsible for many storefronts around the country.

The part of the story that most struck me was that their grandfather, (who was also a metal-worker) in 1855 would get on a riverboat in Evansville, Indiana and sail to New Orleans selling his wares along the way.
He would then walk….WALK!…up the Natchez Trace (444 miles from Natchez to Nashville) to get home, create some more ‘goods’ and do it all again.
And we were questioned about the sanity of driving 70 mph for 5 hours  in an air-conditioned auto, stay in a hotel room and then drive home….????

I think that summed up what is a major difference between how our country became great and how it has become soft.

I hope that whenever some task comes up that I am slightly hesitant to pursue because it seems difficult, ole Grandpa Mesker will pop into my head.  He won’t have to say anything, all he’ll have to do is smile and I think I will get the point!!

~ by rkpowers on September 24, 2012.

7 Responses to “Photo Safari…or, Meet Me In ‘Saint Louie’…”

  1. Great captures. The photographic appeal of this structure is very easy to see.


  2. …and the first time anyone has snapped a photo of the Arch with a UFO in the background (1st pic)…or is that a dragon fly? 🙂


    • In the first picture that was a jet that had just flown through the arch…shows you just how big it really is…. Not really, but it is a jet in the background. The second picture has a helicopter near the top of the arch, but it does look like a dragonfly. Nice catch….are you paying attention or something? 😉


      • It’s only because I have my new spec’s on (he replies with a snort of confidence befitting only of Barney Fife)! 😉


  3. nice collection.


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