The Skys Have it…!

My last blog post…
A bit of ‘tongue-in-cheek’ satire,
was overwhelmed by the sound of crickets!
I guess I had better stick to photography and photography related subjects and steer clear of the satire…
(Right…me keeping satire at arm’s length is very unlikely.)

clouds 2-Edit-3

this post is related to a recent 12-day trip to Daytona for SpeedWeek…plus…

I will eventually get around to writing about and posting pictures from the races, but as I went through my initial edit, I realized how much I enjoy simply looking at the sky.


(I can’t help but think of the stories told about baseball pitcher Rube Waddell and his penchant for being distracted by a fire engine and leaving the mound, mid-game, to follow it… me…”Oh, there’s a race going on? Look at the clouds…!”)


As a photographer, the first thing that usually pops into my head when I see a dramatic sky is,
“What can I put in FRONT of that?!”
Then, other times, I appreciate the sky alone for what it has to  offer.
“The sky’s the limit”


The very blue images are from above the clouds with a phone camera.

clouds 3-Edit topaz

I’ve posted about clouds previously, and I still enjoy both sides…over and under.
The other images are from the big track at Daytona, but have very little to do with the track itself…or racing…
Just skies…

clouds 1-Edit


_DD27220-Edit pmx


Oh…I did find something to put in front of a sky…



~ by rkpowers on March 5, 2013.

2 Responses to “The Skys Have it…!”

  1. Thank you, RKP, for a very enjoyable, intuitive and interesting blog. I will miss it. Like you, I love all clouds and so I wish you loads of cloudy days and nights as you continue along your photography’s path. THANK YOU.


    (Rob Callahan’s cousin)


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