I Drive Your Truck


I have often read about the so-called  ‘necessity’ of,
(which leads pointedly to the ‘lack’ of,  in my photography),
a specialty area

…a niche….
The month of May 2013  made me grateful for this ‘lack’.  It’s not every vocation, I would imagine, that allows the variety of experiences that I am blessed to encounter.
I started the month at Talladega SuperSpeedway photographing NASCAR racing.



Then, with a one day break, I found myself on a TV studio set,

Can you hear me

shooting 4 days of  ‘stills’  for a Christian oriented women’s talk show called
The WHOA Show.

This is a show hosted by Laine Lawson Craft ( They bill her as a cross between Oprah Winfrey and Paula Deen) and will most likely be broadcast on the Lifetime network.

The last weekend of May I was  back in Indianapolis for my 4th  Indy 500 Memorial Day weekend which included  a Curb/Agajanian Racing  win at the 60th running of the Hoosier 100….Levi Jones driving…

Hoosier 100

The Formula 2000 race at Lucas Oil Raceway…  these are the kind of cars I dreamed about as a kid…and built Revell models of….

F2000The Indy Lights Freedom 100 in which Curb/Agajanian cars took 2nd and 3rd in a photo finish never before seen at Indianapolis Motor Speedway…

DSC_2485 (123)-Edit

But, as exciting as this was, the most emotional event was on Monday the 13th…the day before my 58th… uh…LAST….but hopefully not final….birthday. I had the opportunity to record the Number 1 party celebrating the Lee Brice single “I Drive Your Truck
Now, I’ll have to admit to not really being familiar with the song, though I am very familiar with Lee Brice.
(This was the 4th Number 1 celebration for Lee that I have had the privilege to be a part of.)
I had the pigeon-holed impression that
“I Drive Your Truck” was a ‘party-down, you’re too drunk to drive, pedal-to-the-metal’ Country song.
If you’re not familiar with it, this is a song that was inspired when one of the writers heard an interview with the father of  Medal Of Honor winner, Jared Monti, who died in Afghanistan while trying to save one of  ‘his men’.  In the interview, the father was asked what he did to keep his deceased son close and his memory alive and the father said,
“I drive his truck.”
After the song was finished and Lee Brice had cut it…masterfully, by the way…the principal writer, Connie Harrington, searched until she found the father of Jerad Monti and the dad and his surviving  son were at the presentation….


If you’ve never heard it….I Drive Your Truck

You might want to grab a Kleenex…you know…just in case…

Whether or not you agree that America should show our presence in the Middle East, this is a personal story about that presence…not about an Army, but about a man, a son, a brother, a friend, a loss….
I’ve heard it said that when a soldier dies he has given the ultimate sacrifice.  I disagree, somewhat.  I think the Father who gives his child has given the ultimate sacrifice in that he has to continue living with the pain and the memories of that most unnatural of occurrences…the child dying before the parent.
(Hmmm…a Father allowing the sacrifice of his son so that others might live in peace….now where have I heard that before…..?!)

One last photo….

From the Hoosier 100

DSC_2700 (111)-Edit

Now, for all you photo aficionados…critics…

If you break this one down, you might say, “Well…how do you photograph a moving car, keep it sharp, while the background…the grandstands, show the motion of the camera, yet the moon, 238,900 miles away, is stationary and also sharp……

The simple answer is, you don’t! You focus on the moon in a separate exposure and add it in post-production.  The point, to me, is that this is how it looked to my eye, even though the logistics of the camera refused to put it together….

Did I go too far in manipulating or can you see my photographic ‘point’ without first saying, “Heyyyy….Wait a minute….!??”


~ by rkpowers on June 8, 2013.

2 Responses to “I Drive Your Truck”

  1. Happy (belated) Birthday Randy!


  2. Thanks, Steve! Birthdays have always been a funny thing to me. I don’t feel that I really did anything, except cry and kick!!!!


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