Paper Hanger

LA lightning 6 desktop

Because of the many ‘hats’ that I have worn over the years, I suppose it could be expected that I am offering a tutorial on hanging wallpaper….
No, no, no, no, no….I have hung literal wallpaper a couple of times, and I would just as soon stay away from that particular activity.
(Now tile…?!   I’ve got you ‘covered’!)
This is to offer a couple or three of the Louisiana Lightning images as desktop wallpaper.
These were shown a couple of posts ago. series 2 desktop
Click on the image, right click to ‘set as background’ and there you go…you know the drill.  For some reason, on a PC you have to choose the ‘stretch’ option…..

LA lightning 1 desktop

(If all of your desktop icons are on the left, you might want to try the ‘flipped’ version)

LA lightning 1 flipped

I’m very new to this,  If you need a larger version, I have it but just don’t know how to get a link in here without repeating the picture… Lemme know!


~ by rkpowers on August 15, 2013.

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