Follow the yellow brick road… to Hollywood…

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This past weekend, I had the rare and pleasant opportunity to go to Hollywood, California to photograph a beautiful young dancer.  We weren’t trying for “action”…dance shots… just a few variations to put together a ‘composite’.

She has been dancing since before she could walk and is currently a student at the American Music and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) in Hollywood.

I got in touch with a former ‘Tennessee boy’ whom I had worked with years ago and he provided the studio and set-up.  David Hudgins, owner of O.T.M.F.C.  has built a great business and reputation in the movie, video, and ‘still’ business in Los Angeles by providing the masses of equipment needed to pull off any type of production that one might imagine.  Thanks, David!!

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The slight twist to this story and photo shoot is that this beautiful young lady also happens to be my daughter, Hannah.

Yes….THIS Hannah! 🙂

Untitled 1Hannah sub

When Hannah resolved to ‘Go West’, the reaction of many acquaintances was that we, Vicki and I,  must be bad parents to allow her to move to Hollywood.

We were constantly puzzled by this attitude and wondered if to be a ‘good’ parent meant that we should encourage our children to NOT follow their dreams….??!!!…still puzzles me.

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Trust me, when we visited AMDA for the first audition, Vicki questioned everyone she could find…taxi drivers, limo drivers, police, waitresses, residents, etc., about the ‘safeness’ of Hollywood and the areas that Hannah would be frequenting for the next two years…a very thorough investigation, I might add.  As it turns out…according to most, Hollywood is probably safer than Knoxville, TN where our son is in school…..!

Through my racing contacts I had met and made friends with a former Airborne Ranger who lives in LA and I asked if we could contact him if Hannah ever needed an ‘adult’ who was not 2000 miles distant, should she need anything.

(If you are a parent, you probably understand the comfort of knowing that someone will be there for your child when you are at a minimum of 6 hours away.)

I called him the day before we flew out last week and when he answered the phone, the first words he spoke were, “Is Hannah okay?  Does she need anything?”
I don’t mind telling you that his reaction brought tears to my eyes as I realized that he ‘had my back’….or more importantly…he has my Hannah’s back!

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We are immensely proud of this  baby girl  young lady and extremely excited about the turns….or should I say ‘pirouettes’… that await as she chasse’s into the future.

~ by rkpowers on September 13, 2013.

2 Responses to “Follow the yellow brick road… to Hollywood…”

  1. Happy daughter,happy parents.


  2. Beautiful young lady and a true joy to be around. Makes a grandfather very proud.


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