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Now it can be told…

Back in June I posted a couple of stories about being in Louisiana……..


West Monroe, La, to be geographically precise, just a frog jump from Ohpa, where my Grandmother was born.
Now, some of you are already probably familiar with what’s up in West Monroe, but if not…

I was there, with Eric Adkins who was photographing the packaging photos for the Duck Dynasty, “Duck the Halls” Christmas CD.  Since it has now been released, it won’t be ‘scooping’ the client to talk about it and show some behind the scenes photos.

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There are also a couple of stories that probably won’t surface elsewhere.

First, if you watch, or have watched the show “Duck Dynasty”, I can tell you first-hand that the Robertson’s are exactly as they appear to be…a funny, tight, loving family…with an apparently brilliant business sense.


Before the shoot, Phil was talking to Eric and asked, (about the Christmas album),  “What do you think about this music thing?…Ya’ think it’ll do anything?”

Then he told a story of how, a few months earlier, a man had called and said that he wanted Phil to write a book, to which Phil replied that he didn’t want, nor have the skills or patience to write a book.  The man said, “Oh, no, no, no….I will send a writer and all you have to do is tell some stories.”  When asked how long it would take, the man said he would like for the writer to be there a week.  Phil said Okay, and in a few days the writer showed up.  They had talked for 6 hours the first day, and then for 4 hours the next when the writer said, “Ok….I think I’ve got enough material” and left.
In a month or so, the first man called again and said, “Mr. Robertson…the book is done, printed and ready to go to the stores!”
Here’s my favorite part….

Phil Robertson asked, “Well…is there anything in this deal for me?”

To which he was told that he would get a certain amount* for each book sold.
Then Phil said to Eric, “Ya’ know?…I’ve already ‘done pretty well off that thing’*!  Heh, heh…”
(*I don’t think I need to divulge the actual figures that he quoted…)

This was the book “Happy, Happy, Happy!”, which has now been on the best-seller list for 24 weeks.


We spent a bit of the morning in the swamp and then did a LARGE family portrait around a fireplace and Christmas tree.

As the session was winding down, barbecue with all the ‘fixins’ was brought in and laid out on several long tables.  As Eric, Daniel and I were packing up gear I glanced over at the tables and there the family sat…together…passing the dishes and cutting up just like you see at the end of each episode of the show.  They ARE the real deal, Jack!

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  1. I love Duck Dynasty and I especially love that you were able to connect with them. Americans are so diverse and so interesting. How can you not be drawn to folks who are down to earth – love family – love God – and love being alive. Thanks Randy for reassuring this is the real deal. You don’t know what is propaganda and what is not anymore unless someone like you tells the “rest of the story” (showing my age. eh wot?)


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